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    Homeowners consider garage doors as one of the bases of the home’s safety and security.

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    It could also protect our residence from burglary and shield our property, such as cars, from unexpected weather.

    The garage door provides easy controls, such as the garage door opener, which is a motorized device.

    This control helps automatically lift and close doors, using remote controls with direct transmitters to operate it.

    Hence, it is beneficial and makes life easier without doing much work.

    However, what if this piece of machinery that safeguards your home malfunctions?

    It’s not easy to fix something you don’t have the knowledge to fix in the first place.

    Therefore, it’s easier if we keep track and have backup plans in the future.

    That includes hiring our professionals to help you, from garage door repair to garage door installation.

    Here are some problems a garage door opener encounters that our company can help you with:

    The garage door opens and closes immediately

    Are there instances that your garage door suddenly opens and closes immediately?

    There could be a problem with the alignment of your garage door’s photo-eye, which is probably making it suddenly open and close immediately.

    Photo-eye is a small plastic device used as a safety component and is located on both sides of the door.

    To confirm that this device is working correctly, check to see if the green light is flashing.

    Also, inspect if there is debris or other obstruction in front of the photo-eye.

    If any of this doesn’t work for you, then you need to call for professional assistance.

    It is essential to rely on someone who could help you fix rather than do it without knowledge.

    Call for our professionals to deal with your garage door opener repair & installation.

    Broken or loose spring

    What makes our garage door easier to open and close is the spring.

    Springs act as a counterbalance to the weight of all garage doors.

    For example, if the door weighs 155 pounds, a spring force of the same pressure of 155 pounds that the door needs to get pulled.

    The garage door spring stretches or has particular torque parts to assist in balancing the door.

    It’s inevitable for garage door springs to get broken and get loose through time.

    And replacing your garage door springs is complicated and dangerous.

    Also, garage door repair is not for regular people to work on; it could lead to accidents and injuries.

    To avoid these circumstances in the future, you may need to call our company that provides garage door opener repair & installation.

    The garage door opener won’t open

    There are many possibilities that you could if your garage door opener won’t open.

    Considering it will give you complication if you have no basic knowledge about it.

    If this occurs to our garage opener, we might need to check the remote control or wall switch.

    Check to see if the garage door motor is unplugged.

    Another possibility is the breaker, outlet, or fuse has burned out.

    If any of these doesn’t work, reset the breaker or replace the burned-out fuse.

    If you can’t afford to do it yourself, call our professional company that provides garage door repair or garage door installation services.

    Off tracks and rollers

    Garage doors are very convenient appliances and can control modern doors remotely.

    However, if a garage door is not kept on a set path, it could crash into the ceiling or go careening off to one side.

    We don’t want that to happen and cause damage and accidents.

    That is why tracks and rollers are keeping this from happening.

    Rollers are small wheels installed along both sides of the garage door.

    They move into metal tracks that trace the path the door needs to take as it opens and closes.

    When the door opener mechanism lifts the door, the rollers move along the tracks.

    Besides, it keeps the door moving straight up and down.

    If your garage door came off the tracks, it wouldn’t be able to open.

    To avoid this inconvenience and ensure that it does not happen, a garage door repair company adept at solving all kinds of problems within that part of the garage door is necessary.

    Look for our company that offers garage door opener repair & installation with quality service to guarantee you satisfaction!

    Garage Doors Philly: The Professionals for Your Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

    Whether installing a new garage door opener or repairing an old one, Garage Doors Philly will solve your worry!

    In case of damage or broken, or other issues, it gives you out of hassle if you seek for professionals to help.

    Hence, it will put you out of possible accidents and hassle.

    We will guarantee you service satisfaction and quality work.

    If the problem persists, you may contact our company service provider!

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