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    Business functionality and security often depend on a commercial garage door.

    If you’re looking for insulation, protection, and aesthetics, garage doors aren’t that far off.

    Though, like all things mechanical, problems are inevitable.

    The garage door motor could give way, or a cable could snap; these things are normal.

    Warehouse door repair and installation are readily accessible and can be quite affordable if you know who to call.

    Pinpointing where a problem originated from makes our garage door repair more time-efficient.

    Some of the problems that show up over time can be easily done by yourself, while others truly require our expertise.

    We present to you some of the most popular issues and how to deal with them correctly.

    Wear and Tear

    Even the smallest bolt or screw can render your garage door useless.

    The following are the giveaways that something is going on with your door.

    A grinding noise or noise, in general, that wasn’t present yesterday is easy to listen out for.

    Any rusty components or loose hardware will cause unpleasant sounds to emit from your warehouse door.

    The easiest way for peace and quiet is inspection, identification, and lubrication.

    Make use of a silicone-based one and make sure to tighten any hardware that has come loose over time.

    The door should be significantly less noisy and won’t disturb your workflow any longer.

    If you see any cracks and gaps on parts like the panels or rollers, it’s time for replacements.

    Some garage doors warehouses have parts you can buy and reinstall yourself.

    Of course, we offer garage door repair in Philadelphia and can easily replace these for you.

    If you leave this type of problem unattended, the door will need further repair and will eventually need to be interchanged with a more modern unit.

    Another strange problem that could make an appearance is the garage door’s main functionality.

    There may also be a time where the door will open right after being closed shut.

    This is yet another instance where our warehouse door repair and installation services will be of use.

    There is probably something obstructing the sensor’s alignment.

    The sensors are placed on either side of the door to ensure that anything in between them will not be harmed or damaged.

    Simply clear away any objects or debris that could be in the line-out-sight of the sensors to remedy this problem.

    If the path is clear and your door still has this issue, you should contact a Garage Doors Philly specialist.

    Issues may also arise with the garage door motor or its opener.

    The remote will sometimes short-circuit or will need new batteries.

    You can also reprogram it with the help of a user manual.

    Perhaps you experience leaks of some sort.

    When there is no sealing around, and under the entire door, this can cause issues when the weather is wetter.

    Making sure that your weather sealing is adequate will keep moisture and animals from infesting your warehouse and its contents.

    Also, consider regular maintenance on your commercial door’s rollers, springs, cables, and panels.

    When there are damaged parts, it’s inevitable that your door will not work like it used to.

    Installation and Maintenance

    Warehouse door repair and installation encompasses different problems and types of doors.

    Getting to know how your door’s individual parts play their roles helps us help you.

    You should also take the time to check in on these components or let us do routine checks for you.

    After installation, it’s easy to neglect warehouse doors when they do their jobs well.

    Prevention is a great way to save money and time for your business endeavors.

    In Our Line of Work

    With multiple bits and pieces and hefty weights to work with, garage doors do a pretty amazing thing.

    They don’t just open and close anymore.

    Garage doors have features that ensure safety, fight against the ever-changing weather, and are energy efficient.

    Since commercial garage doors are heavier than the average residential one, they are more prone to wear and tear.

    We can help you with installation, cable repairs, opener replacements, spring adjustments, and track realignment, to name a few.

    Let us have a look at your garage door; contact Garage Doors Philly today!

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