Our Main Services

We offer but are not limited to the below services.

At Garage Doors Philly, we have a team of highly skilled garage door technicians that can repair any garage door problems.

Garage Door Motor Repair & Installation

Is your door opening slowly? Maybe not all? These are telltale signs that the motor needs a service.

Garage Door Motor Repair
Warehouse Garage Door Repair & Installation

Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation

We’re always here to support fellow Philadelphia businesses! We know how important a garage door could be to a depot, for example. We promise a fast turnaround.

Warehouse Door Repair & Installation

A warehouse with a malfunctioning garage door is inefficient. Call us ASAP and we’ll be glad to help.

Warehouse Garage Door Repair & Installation
Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

If your garage door isn’t opening or closing, chances are the openers need a technician to take a look. Don’t worry – it doesn’t take long!

Garage Door Spring Replacement

A small part to a big door but absolutely essential for your garage door to be working correctly. Niggly and difficult, we highly recommend calling a professional!

Garage Door Spring Replacement
Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair

Faulty cables can make noise, get in the way but more importantly be a potential hazard to young ones. Give us a call today and we’ll put it right.

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Our technicians are equipped with masks and gloves complying with health and safety regulations.
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