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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Need a Garage Door Cable Repaired?

    One of the essential parts of a garage door system is the garage door cable.

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    If you think there is a problem involving the cable, you will most likely have to contact professionals to repair or replace it.

    If you are looking for a garage door repair in Philadelphia, Garage Doors Philly is more than willing to help.

    A garage door cable repair is one of the many expertise of our professional service team offers; contact us now!

    However, if you think you may be capable of conducting a garage door repair by yourself, read our guide below.

    How to Repair the Garage Door Cable

    If the garage door cable is damaged or worn out, it is imperative to replace it at the soonest possible time.

    The first steps are to release tension from the cable, switch off the garage door opener, and fully open the garage door.

    Lay down c-clamps under both sides of the garage door to keep it open.

    After the initial steps, unhook the springs and remove the damaged cable from them.

    Install the new cable, and hook the springs onto the garage door.

    This will then allow you to remove the c-clamps and turn on the garage door opener.

    After turning on the garage door opener, activate the wall switch or the remote to test if everything is working properly.

    Keep in mind that it is critical to keep the garage door fully open when repairing.

    You need to make sure that all tension has been released in the springs.

    Otherwise, the risk of injury is high when you attempt to remove them from the hooks.

    Other Garage Door Maintenance and Safety Repairs

    The garage door cable is only one of the many parts that comprise your garage door system.

    Aside from garage door cable repair, there are more things that can be done.

    To ensure your garage door’s proper functionality, here are some additional safety repairs you may undertake.

    Repair The Springs

    Just like the cables, you will eventually need to repair the springs on your garage door as well.

    Repairing or replacing the springs is just as important because broken or damaged springs pose a real danger to people.

    As previously indicated, these things are best taken care of by professionals such as Garage Doors Philly.

    Keep in mind that if only one spring needs to be replaced, it is still best to replace them all, so they wear out evenly over time.

    Adjust The Sensor

    The sensors at the foot of both sides of the garage door are responsible for tracking objects that may obstruct the door.

    These help prevent damage to personal belongings as well as physical injury to people.

    During a garage door’s normal operation, it may occasionally fall out of alignment, which will require some adjustments.

    Always check for misalignments and call a professional if you are unsure whether or not the sensors are working as intended.

    Test The Garage Door Opener

    You also have to make sure that the opener’s auto-reverse function is working smoothly.

    To test this, you can place a piece of an object, like a wooden plank, along the path of the garage door and attempt to close it.

    If the feature is working as intended, you should see the garage door reverse back up just before it hits the object you placed.

    If it does not, you can adjust the auto-reverse settings by consulting the manual.

    Inspect The Garage Door Tracks

    The tracks inside the garage door are what allows it to travel up and down.

    If they incur damages such as bents or dents, the garage door will not open or close as it should.

    In some extreme cases, the door will jump the track entirely, leading to either damage to your automobiles or injury to people.

    If you spot any minor bents or dents, you can opt to gently hammer them out using a rubber mallet.

    If they seem to be more serious than expected, they may need to be completely replaced.


    Proper and consistent maintenance is key to keeping a garage door operating properly.

    However, keep in mind that DIY repairs are not without risk; as such, we always recommend that you call a professional to do the work.

    Whether it is a garage door installation or a garage door cable repair, Garage Doors Philly ensures professional-grade services.

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