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    For some people, manually opening garage doors can be bothersome and inconvenient.

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    This is why most modern household garages are equipped with motorized garage door openers, which come with remote control for operation.

    Depending on factors such as the frequency of use and maintenance, a garage door motor may require anything from simple repairs to outright replacement.

    However, a DIY garage door installation may be dangerous for those who are not familiar with the internal mechanisms.

    Here at Garage Doors Philly, we offer garage door motor repair and installation for customers who seek our professional expertise.

    If you are looking for a garage door repair in Philadelphia, contact us now!

    Diagnosing the Problem: Inspect Your Garage Door

    While the garage door is closed, pull the cord for the emergency release and lift the door.

    If the garage door fails to open, the problem lies with either the tracks, rollers, or springs.

    However, if the garage door opens smoothly, it may indeed be the garage door motor.

    Once you have ruled out other possible causes, proceed to the list of symptoms and their respective fixes.

    Safety First!

    Keep in mind to keep the garage door down when trying to diagnose the problem.

    If the issue is a broken or shattered door spring, pulling in the emergency release cord could allow the garage door to come crashing down if it was open.

    As an added precautionary measure, make sure to keep the garage motor unplugged.

    This would keep your fingers safe if an unsuspecting relative activates the garage door remote.

    The Remote Is Working, But the Wall Switch Is Not

    If the garage motor’s remote works but the wall switch does not, it may be necessary to replace either the switch wires or the wall switch itself.

    Unscrew the switch and touch both ends of the wires together.

    If the garage door opener runs, your switch needs to be replaced.

    However, if the garage door opener runs, it is the switch wires that need to be replaced.

    The Wall Switch Is Operational, But the Remote Is Not

    Before anything else, check the batteries inside the remote.

    If the batteries are working fine, it may be the remote itself that needs to be repaired or replaced.

    Some home centers and hardware stores carry a few models of garage door remotes.

    However, if you are unable to find the specific model, you can try to purchase a universal remote or install a new receiver.

    The Garage Door Opens Up But Only Comes Down Through the Wall Switch

    Check if the safety sensors of the garage door are aligned.

    The sensors are equipped with a small light that should be lit up when no object is between them.

    If the lights are not visible, you may need to replace them.

    No Lights and Sound Whenever the Remote and Wall Switch Are Activated

    When this occurs, the most likely culprit is a bad circuit board.

    Circuit boards are usually rendered inoperational by frequent lightning strikes.

    The board is located inside the plastic housing, which also holds the wire terminals and the lightbulbs.

    The part number is located on the board itself; take note of this number as you will need to purchase the same model for replacement.

    To replace the circuit board, you will first have to take out the light cover, unscrew the lightbulb, and disconnect the safety sensor wires and the switch itself.

    After which, you will have to unplug the old circuit board and replace it with a new one.

    The Garage Door Does Not Open, But the Trolley Carriage Moves

    The reason for this would be a broken or damaged trolley carriage.

    Clamp the chain down to the rail first before pulling out the damaged trolley carriage.

    This helps maintain the current position of the chain on the sprocket, which will ultimately expedite the reassembly.

    After securing the chain, separate it from the trolley on both sides, then disconnect the rail.

    After that, slide off the damaged trolley, slide in a new one, and reattach the chain to adjust the chain tension.

    Seek the Help of Professionals for Garage Door Repair Concerns

    A garage door motor repair and installation can be a very daunting, if not dangerous, task.

    A mistake in DIY troubleshooting could also result in more expensive and time-consuming repairs.

    As such, we at Garage Doors Philly recommend that you entrust us with your garage door motor repair and installation.

    Availing our service and expertise will save you time and money; book an appointment now!

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