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    Garage Door Spring Replacement

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    A garage door is an essential asset to a home.

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    However, a residential garage door may not be able to function properly if certain parts are damaged.

    Broken garage door springs are one of the most common issues as time goes on.

    Normal wear and tear, together with the effects of seasonal elements, gradually weaken a garage door spring.

    If a residential garage door no longer performs efficiently, it may still be repaired.

    However, if the spring breaks, a garage door spring replacement will have to be performed.

    Technicians who perform garage door installation and repair usually give a rough estimate of how long the spring should last.

    However, there is a big chance that the timeline cannot be followed.

    The springs of a residential garage door do not need to be replaced frequently, but the length of time they last depends on their frequency of use.

    Below are eight symptoms of a broken garage door spring:

    A Loud Bang May Come from Your Garage

    When the spring breaks, it is hard to miss the loud sound it makes.

    It produces a very loud noise and can be very startling.

    If you happen to miss the sound, the heaviness of the door when you try to open it will tell you that the garage door spring is broken.

    If this happens and you cannot open the garage door, immediately contact your local garage door repair expert.

    Loose Garage Door Cables

    Some people may assume that their garage door cables are broken when it is really the garage door springs that require replacement.

    Loose or slack garage door cables indicate that the springs are not working correctly.

    The cables are kept in place by the pressure of a tightly-wound torsion spring.

    When the spring breaks, the cables are unwound and cause them to slip out of place.

    The Garage Door is Heavy

    If a garage door feels heavy and does not open, there is a big chance that the spring is broken.

    The torsion springs support the garage door’s weight, so when the spring breaks, the door loses its support and becomes too heavy to open.

    The Door Opening is Restricted to Only Six Inches

    The garage door spring supports the door’s heavy weight.

    If the door spring is broken, the garage door will not open easily.

    The door may only allow an opening for a few inches or may not open at all.

    It may also be that something has triggered the safety system.

    It is best to check your sensors.

    A Gap Can be Seen in the Torsion Spring

    One or two tightly-wound torsion springs comprise a torsion system, which can be seen directly over the garage door.

    When there is breakage, these springs unwind.

    This unwinding leaves a visible gap.

    Your Garage Door Appears to Be Crooked

    A crooked garage door may signify that an extension spring has been damaged.

    The garage door is affixed with an extension spring on either side.

    Each extension spring pulls the door independently.

    One side of the door will not move if one of the springs breaks, which results in a crooked garage door.

    The garage door becomes jerky when you open or close it.

    When a jerky motion is observed when using your garage door, it can be caused by a broken garage door spring.

    It’s a fairly common symptom for garage doors with extension springs.

    The garage door falls faster than usual when it goes down.

    Another symptom of a broken spring is that your garage door may be falling faster than usual when closing it with an automatic opener.

    What to Do if Your Garage Door Spring is Broken

    Performing a garage door spring replacement without the proper tools and supervision of an expert can be extremely dangerous.

    We also know how valuable your garage door is to your safety and comfort; so if you are worrying that you may have a broken garage door spring, fret no more!

    Let Garage Doors Philly do all the work for you.

    We deliver quality garage door repair in Philadelphia and have been considered one of the best in the area.

    With our excellent customer service, we are sure to satisfy everyone who calls for help.

    For your garage door spring replacement needs, contact us now!

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