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    Commercial establishments such as warehouses or parking garages require large and durable garage doors to protect products and other valuables inside.

    As an owner, you must maintain the efficiency and quality of your commercial garage door to avoid damaging its condition permanently.

    Damaged garage doors can significantly affect the transactions of your goods and products which may eventually lead to a great loss to your business.

    It is vital to inquire about services such as garage door repair to maintain the quality.

    You should choose a garage door company that does not only provide high-quality services but locates within your proximity as well.

    In this way, you can ask for emergency repairs or replacements immediately causing no delay in fixing your door.

    Garage Doors Philly is a reliable company that offers quick yet excellent garage door services.

    We have highly trained technicians who specialize in fixing commercial or residential garage doors.

    So give us a call today!

    Reasons for a Broken Commercial Garage Door

    Don’t let your damaged garage door suffer for a long time!

    If you notice unusual movement or sound coming from your garage door when it is operating, the issue must be fixed right away!

    Operating a malfunctioning garage door can lead to unwanted accidents, expensive repairs, or permanent damage.

    Troubleshooting small issues can be done easily and quickly.

    You can achieve that by familiarizing yourself with the common problems a commercial door has.

    If your garage door experiences the following, call a professional technician immediately for a thorough repair.

    Broken Rollers

    Given that a commercial garage door is bigger in size and approximately runs about 90 cycles per day, the item composes more rollers than a residential garage door.

    The rollers are important parts of a garage door in order to open and close.

    However, it inevitably wears out in the long run due to the strenuous activity.

    Catching dirt and debris in-betweens is also possible and can impact the operation as well.

    If your door suddenly malfunctions, you should check the rollers first for they are the most used and vulnerable parts.

    Damaged Openers or Motors

    Another common problem in a commercial garage door is its motor or automatic opener system.

    Most garage doors are run by openers/motors which automatically open and close the door with just one click.

    If your garage door looks fine and perfectly balanced, you should look into the motor which has a tendency to wear out or get broken when it is overused in a period of time.

    Misaligned Tracks

    The metal tracks which assist the movement of the garage door have a tendency to fall out of alignment.

    When the improper alignment happens, the whole garage door will be off balance and it can halt the closing or opening.

    You will need professional assistance for this matter to properly adjust or replace the tracks.

    Advantages of having Commercial Garage Door Repair Services from the Nearest Company

    You can save yourself from the hassles of using a broken garage door for a long period of time by getting things done immediately.

    Hire the nearest garage door company within your vicinity to access instant repairs and maintenance services.

    Here in Garage Door Philly, we offer all the necessary repairs a commercial door will need over the course of using it.

    We also have complete components for garage door replacement services.

    You can enjoy all the following benefits when you hire our professional team!

    Save your time and money

    A broken commercial door could interrupt your business transaction.

    Hiring a dedicated repair service provider who is within your proximity will save you from consuming too much time and losing a lot of revenues in your business.

    We can perform fast-paced fixings and alleviate potential issues in your garage door.

    Full Access to a Professional and High-Quality Repair Tech

    You will have no trouble in acquiring the latest equipment and technology for your garage door when you hire a company within your reach.

    With pleasure, we offer high-quality repair tech to our nearby customers and make sure that the job gets done safely.

    A Go-To Resource for Emergency Services

    You can trust Garage Door Philly when it comes to emergency repair services because our store is open for 24 hours every day.

    Having 24/7 access with your trusted service provider can get things done immediately.

    In this way, you won’t have to worry about your establishment even after working hours becauseyou have technicians who can deliver repair services in no time.

    Call Garage Door Philly – The Garage Door Company Near You

    Your safety is your top priority in the event of having a broken garage door.

    Thus, leaving the complicated repairs and heavy garage doors to professionals will decrease the risk of hurting yourself or others.

    Book an appointment with Garage Door Philly to experience professional, safe, and great quality services.

    Whether your commercial door faces emergency repairs or requires a secured maintenance program, we are prepared to provide all the needs!

    We are easy to locate and access!

    With just one call, our customer service is ready to answer your queries.

    Call us now!

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