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    Garage Door Technician in Philadelphia

    It can be daunting when a garage door suddenly stops working.

    It’s common to panic and call Garage Doors Philly for help.

    While we always have a talented garage door technician in Philadelphia to spare, there are some other things you can do before giving us a call.

    What door do we have on our hands?

    Letting us know what sort of door we’re about to diagnose will help the garage door repair go by smoothly.

    Some doors are more traditional and have a raised-panel style.

    Symmetrical panels are meant to be raised and can be made out of insulating material.

    More modern homes opt for contemporary garage doors.

    There are various ones that are made out of a glass and aluminum blend, while manufacturers also produce steel and wooden counterparts.

    Another beautiful style is the barn or carriage house garage doors.

    They stand out in most residential areas for having a distinct rustic charm.

    The garage door repair will be a little different from door to door but don’t worry, it is always possible.

    What is it made of?

    Some materials are more prone to repair and replacement than others.

    You could experiment with a different material if you find yourself needing to replace your faulty garage door or its opener.

    Wooden doors are beautiful but very high-maintenance.

    Issues that you may have already encountered could include rotting and insulation replacement.

    Another option is steel.

    If you have a metal garage door, you’ll already know that it doesn’t need a whole lot of checking on.

    They aren’t too expensive either.

    Your door could have problems, however, if it is beginning to show signs of rust.

    The final material your door could be made of is aluminum.

    They do tend to be more rugged in appearance but are generally resistant to rust.

    Any issues with this pricier option are less likely to arise since the material is lightweight and does not add any strain to the parts.

    Knowing the Parts of Your Door

    Getting to know the basics of your door will help you better identify what could be going wrong.

    Most garage doors are composed of the following:

    The opener is made up of the garage door motor that helps your door open and close.

    Any problems regarding this are best dealt with by our expertise as we will know how to check on the parts of the electrical box.

    Inside, there is usually a motor, the logic board, receiver, a chain, and other gear.

    All of the literal heavy lifting for your door happens because of the springs.

    There are torsion or extension springs.

    Torsion springs are usually found on top of your door.

    On the other hand, extension springs run along the tracks’ top.

    Cables are also vital in any garage door system.

    They transfer the energy stored in springs, which makes the job of lifting and bringing your door down easier.

    The tracks that are installed inside your space allow the movements your door makes.

    While the rollers move along the tracks for smooth travel.

    Another important piece is the door’s safety sensors.

    Since 1992, garage doors have come with safety sensors (infrared).

    These make sure that the door rolls upward or opens if there is anything detected.

    They are a safety precaution to prevent injuries and any damage to your vehicles.

    For information on more unique parts of your door, you can contact a garage door technician in Philadelphia.

    Repair or Replace?

    That depends on the problem.

    Short-circuits and other more technical issues with the garage door motor should be left to us.

    However, replacing batteries for the remote can be left to you.

    There are instances where springs may snap or have issues that aren’t easily identifiable.

    Call a garage door technician in Philadelphia immediately.

    The tension stored in cables and springs is hazardous; those without proper equipment or training should not attempt to repair them.

    During routine checks, some noise-related issues can be resolved by cleaning out any debris in the tracks and lubricating the rollers.

    You can also test the safety sensors yourself by placing an object like driftwood or a brick in the sensor’s line of sight.

    If there are still issues with this feature, it may be time to ask for help.

    For any replacements or garage door repair in Philadelphia, we will gladly do the work.

    At Garage Doors Philly, we specialize in all things garage door related, from installment to routine checks whenever you deem them necessary.

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