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    Commercial Garage Door Repair and Installation

    Leading Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation Services Near You

    Choosing a high-quality commercial garage door is essential to a business that requires storage and security.

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    Manufacturers can customize doors to look a certain way or have features that certain businesses need.

    There’s more to garage doors today than just being able to close and open.

    Garage door motors have the ability to efficiently work while being safe.

    Doors can automatically close when a fire-related threat is a common feature.

    There are garage doors that can withstand whatever weather comes its way.

    These will ultimately depend on your budget and the requirements that your business has.

    Our commercial garage door repair and installation services are also something to keep in mind when you’re seeking out a new door.

    Commercial Garage Door: What’s The Difference?

    There are distinctions between commercial and residential doors; there just aren’t that many discussions about them.

    One of the biggest differences, literally, is the size.

    Residential garage doors are often smaller in dimension because they are used for vehicles or a little extra storage.

    Commercial garage doors, on the other hand, are meant to house numerous vehicles or goods.

    Another big difference is the usage.

    Warehouse garage doors tend to be used more often than ones for homes.

    The constant opening and closing will depend on the type of business you have, and they are meant to function multiple times in a day.

    Some commercially used doors are also paired with loading and unloading docks.

    Finally, there is a matter of material.

    Due to the amount of use and the constant contact with loading and unloading vehicles, commercial garage doors are typically stronger than their counterpart.

    This means they withstand any accidental denting and constant door cycles better than residential doors.

    Models and Types

    For a more durable and cost-effective door, purchase aluminum ones.

    They can be customized to fit into a building’s aesthetic, but they are also tough ones.

    Garage door repair is not as common for this material since it is so secure and hard to penetrate.

    For smaller areas, invest in glass doors.

    They are definitely more modern and really let a lot of light in.

    The downside is that they do get brittle and may need replacing every so often if not properly maintained.

    Another popular choice for commercial garage doors is those made out of steel.

    They aren’t as pretty to look at as glass ones, but they sure last a long time.

    Steel garage doors are also not very prone to repair and are sturdy enough to withstand constant cycles of opening and closing.

    Now, for the different models to look into:

    Commercial garage door repair and installation services will differ depending on its make, material, and style.

    There are sectional or panel type doors that are basically residential garage doors’ big brother.

    The different panels and sections make up the entire door and can actually mix and match materials.

    Secondly, roll-up or coiling warehouse garage doors:

    This style has the door roll-up and stays in a big coil when the door is closed.

    Whichever style you choose, we can install and repair them whenever the need arises.

    Best for Business

    For businesses that are focused on storage, manufacturing, and distribution, you can either buy sectional or high-speed doors.

    The high volume of foot-traffic will need the garage door to do its job well and fast.

    The best material for your line of work will be steel because they are the toughest ones out there.

    Also, the garage door will be durable and low-maintenance.

    If your company specializes in security and privacy, opt for any steel doors.

    The grilles will provide the security you need while also providing some visibility to be able to check in on supplies or goods.

    For health care or educational institutions, focus on rolling fire doors.

    Those in this area of expertise will need to prioritize the safety of staff, pupils, and patients.

    In case of emergency, the doors will act as protection against threats, especially those that are fire-related.

    Businesses that prioritize showcasing products like retailing or dealerships should go for aluminum and glass options.

    You will be able to show off what you specialize in while keeping these contents safe.

    Checking In

    Our commercial garage door repair and installation expertise do not stop there.

    We can help you with the garage door motor, opener, and all of the different components during and after installation.

    For any other warehouse garage door concerns, reach out to a Garage Doors Philly specialist.

    We’re here for you; give us a call now!

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