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    Emergency Garage Door Services in Philadelphia

    Like all doors, the ones for your garage have two main functions: to open and to close.

    There will eventually come a day, however, where it fails to do its main job.

    Your garage door could refuse to open or close more than halfway, suddenly slam shut, or completely fail to open.

    Malfunctioning does not have a set time and day.

    Sometimes, even the most looked after doors can act up out of nowhere.

    That’s why we offer emergency garage door services in Philadelphia, to help you when that time comes.

    A Basic Checklist

    Before calling in for our expertise, we recommend going through this simple checklist to pin down the culprit.

    There may be a simple solution to the garage door’s malfunctioning.

    1. Inspect existing rollers and tracks.

    The garage door rollers and track are probably the components most prone to wear and tear.

    It’s a good idea to personally schedule maintenance instead to avoid having to scramble for sudden emergency garage door services in Philadelphia.

    Cleaning the rollers and tracks using a brush and lubrication can reduce the number of repairs they will need in the future.

    2. Look into the pulleys and cables of your door.

    Pulleys and cables tend to wear out over time, especially for garage doors that operate with only one spring.

    You may call us immediately if any of your cables are fraying and or if your pulleys are damaged.

    Replacing pulleys and handling cables should be done by experts at Garage Doors Philly to prevent accidents.

    3. Give the hardware some tightening.

    The garage door tracks that are guides for the rollers are usually attached with brackets.

    After garage door installation, the screws and bolts can come loose over time.

    Take time to tighten or replace these pieces as necessary.

    4. Autoreverse testing is a must.

    As a safety precaution, the garage door motor can stop whenever something obstructs its sensor.

    This autoreverse feature in garage doors keeps you safe if ever you find yourself underneath your door for whatever reason.

    Testing this out with a piece of wood or brick is recommended so that you don’t injure yourself.

    Any glitches with this feature should be reported immediately.

    5. A balance check will be necessary.

    A commercial garage door will typically need just a small amount of weight in order to open up or close.

    Using garage doors over time can cause springs to fail.

    When this happens, the door opener requires even more power to do its job.

    As a result, the opener will need immediate replacing.

    To prevent the need for further garage door repair in Philadelphia, or even replacement, contact our representatives to work on your springs.

    Seeking Out Professionals

    Our emergency garage door services in Philadelphia are applicable, but not limited to, the following instances:

    1. When the garage door opener does not do its job.

    In more severe cases, it takes more than replacing batteries to get the opener up and running.

    A technician may need to replace certain circuits or other components in the remote or opener.

    2. Springs that give out.

    Springs should never be handled by those who are not trained.

    The tension that is stored in them over time causes injuries that are 100% preventable.

    Leave any spring maintenance or replacement to us.

    3. The door freezes halfway.

    When this happens, there could be a severed connection between the opener and receiver.

    This can also occur during cooler days of the year.

    Do not attempt to fix this by repeatedly pushing on the remote’s button.

    4. Squeaky and irritating doors.

    The last problem is probably the most common complaint dealt with.

    Though noisy doors can be avoided with maintenance, you may need to replace parts.

    Certain components like hinges, rollers, and tracks will degrade over time.

    That’s when we come in to help with their replacement.

    Final Thoughts

    Investing in a garage door also means taking the time to take care of it, or at least let us help you with that.

    While checking in on your garage door’s health is beneficial, it is also cost-efficient.

    Being able to prevent more serious problems from occurring in the first place should be your goal.

    If there are more pressing concerns regarding your garage door’s function that will need you to avail of any emergency garage door services in Philadelphia, we’re more than happy to help you out.

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