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    A roll up garage door is among the most admired types of garage doors because of its sturdiness and the minimal space it takes.

    Aside from that, roll up doors are easy to use because you will just have to roll it up and down, it is even easier to run using an opener and motor.

    Ideally, roll up doors fall in the commercial garage door line and are perfectly made for retail establishments or business transactions because it provides great protection and it has low maintenance.

    However, this type requires proper maintenance and care just like any other garage doors because they have the tendency to break down in the long run.

    Troubleshooting small issues and potential headaches will lessen the risk of impairing your garage door intensively and prolong its lifespan.

    The best way to mitigate the issues is to look for a reliable and easy-to-access service provider.

    You should hire a professional technician who offers roll up door repair near you.

    Garage Door Philly is a trusted company, known for its high-quality garage door repair services.

    If you are looking for a go-to repair service provider, you should hire us!

    We have professional and dedicated technicians who can accommodate all of your garage door concerns.

    Troubleshooting a Broken Roll Up Garage Door

    You can easily identify the main cause of a broken garage door when you know how to troubleshoot.

    Conducting a regular inspection of the vital parts will allow you to discover if there are signs of breaking or wearing out.

    You can get the job done correctly by learning the different issues or situations a garage door may face.

    Inspect the Tracks

    Check the tracks if there are signs of warping or dents.

    Normally, a misaligned track causes a sudden malfunctioning in a garage door.

    The common reasons for this issue are old age, dents, small debris or piles of dirt, or lack of lubrication.

    You should call an expert right away to look into your door when the tracks are lopsided because this type of issue should be fixed by a professional one.

    Broken Motor or Opener

    If the motor produces an unusual noise and is having a hard time processing signals, there must be a problem with its system.

    You can check if the remote you are using has a battery, or if there are certain obstructions around the sensors such as spider webs.

    However, it is highly advisable that a broken motor or opener must be dealt by professional technicians only to avoid accidents.

    Improper Arrangement of the Components

    One of the common problems of a roll up garage door is getting jammed or stuck halfway in the middle of operation.

    This type of incident happens when certain components such as the bolts or springs are too tight and not installed properly.

    Inspecting the components carefully will ensure that the door is still optimal to use.

    If there are signs of damages, you should call a technician immediately to avoid faulty operations.

    Worn Out and Rusty Parts

    Rust is a damaging chemical reaction in the garage door parts.

    It causes excessive noise and weakens the quality of the metal components, making it hard to open or close the door mechanically.

    See if the springs are properly intact and there is no intense rust present.

    A minimal rusting can be cured by adequate lubrication.

    Loose springs, bolts, and other components must be handled by an expert or skillful person for a correct adjustment.

    Why do I need a Timely Garage Door Repair?

    Time is a crucial factor in repairing your garage door because letting it suffer from malfunctioning for a long time will only increase the damages.

    There are several benefits associated from getting repair services near your place.

    Here’s to name a few.

    1. Prevents unwanted accidents

    A broken garage door can result in serious accidents.

    In fact, around 18,000 people get involved in faulty garage door incidents yearly.

    The risk of getting injured increases when early signs of malfunction are being ignored.

    Thus, it is important to take action right away when you detect that your garage door controls are not working properly.

    You should call a reputable and nearby garage door company to repair the damage immediately and prevent any serious accidents

    1. Saves you from Expensive Repairs

    Postponing minor garage door issues will only turn into major ones that require costly repairs.

    Another benefit of prompt repair is having to avoid the development of major damages that could turn into expensive garage door replacements.

    1. Enhances Safety and Security

    A lot of homeowners use their garage door as the primary entryway of their house.

    Delaying repairs can risk the safety and health of your family due to unwanted intruders.

    Therefore, getting repair services on time will assure that your door is closed properly and working optimally.

    Call Garage Door Philly for an Roll Up Door Repair

    Roll up doors play a vital role in the business industries such as factories, parking garages, or retail establishments.

    Once they malfunction, the smooth transaction of your business will be halted as well.

    To avoid this from happening, you should contact the closest Garage Door Company.

    In this way, you can get garage door services any time of the day without having to wait long hours for the technician.

    Garage Door Philly is a reputable company that offers several roll up repair services to our nearby clients.

    We are open everyday for 24 hours.

    You don’t need to worry about postponing any activities you have because our emergency repair team is highly trained and can perform quick and prompt fixings.

    Give us a call today!

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