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    Garage Door Installation Experts in Philadelphia

    When you’re browsing the market for your first garage door or a new one, keep in mind that there are three I’s; investments, improvements, and impressionable.

    The exterior of your home gives guests and visitors a glimpse of the life inside of it.

    The walls, arches, rooftop, and garage door can all serve as sources of inspiration for those looking into redecorating their homes.

    A new door means a lifetime of garage door repair and maintenance, but there are things to consider before finalizing your new purchase.

    What do you want it to look like?

    Aesthetics are only half the battle when it comes down to selecting the best garage door for your residential home.

    Think of the door as an extension of yourself and your style.

    Since garage doors take up such a big part of any structure, they can really impact what your house looks like.

    Manufacturers provide a wide selection of styles and colors that will fit in with various house architectures.

    Raised-panel doors are probably the first type that garage door installation experts in Philadelphia and homeowners think of.

    This style is known for being made out of steel, providing installation and optional garage door motor installation, making its use easier.

    Contemporary or more modern garage doors have clean lines and differing functionalities.

    Nowadays, this style suits houses with a mid-century or modern feel because of the exterior materials’ look.

    This is perfect for homes that already have clean lines or ones being renovated to carry a more contemporary style.

    Another popular garage door is the carriage.

    They gained general approval for being able to fit in with an array of home styles and designs.

    This door type looks like those made for old carriage houses, but in the modern-day and age.

    A big difference that highlights garage doors’ advancement is the fact that they no longer need to be manually opened.

    Carriage styled ones utilize a garage door motor to function.

    No matter which style you choose, garage door installation experts in Philadelphia will be able to lend you a hand.

    What should it be made of?

    Materials matter for several reasons.

    They can affect your budget, the number of garage door repairs you will rack up over time, and the functionality of your investment.

    Wooden doors are not known for being incredibly durable but make up for whatever they lack by simply being beautiful.

    They require more maintenance because they are affected by rot and are not great with moisture resistance.

    Steel doors are the top pick of residential owners across the country.

    Known for its all-around functionality and affordability, it’s not hard to see why.

    It is a durable material that can tolerate dents and the door’s repetitive cycles of opening and closing.

    For a budget-friendly door that will not need replacing any time soon, choose steel.

    Aluminum and glass doors also charm their way into many homes.

    These specific materials receive positive feedback for being resistant to rust and suitable for areas that experience wet climates.

    Paired together, aluminum and glass create a strongly balanced garage door.

    This means that they are easy to lift and cause less stress on the door’s components and cycles over time.

    The best material for your door will depend on specific functions and the budget you’re sticking to.

    Safety features to look out for:

    The type of climate you experience should affect the type of material you are looking for in a garage door.

    There are features like autoreverse that will cause your door to open whenever its sensors are triggered.

    This keeps your door from dropping down unexpectedly, providing safety for all.

    There are also fire-rated doors that will close and act as a protective barrier whenever smoke or high temperatures caused by a fire is detected.

    Doors that are wind, water, and hurricane resistant are also available for purchase.

    You can definitely inquire about the safety features that a door has with its respective manufacturer.

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