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    Broken Garage Door Opener in Philadelphia

    You could be rushing out of your house at an early meeting, and just when you are about to drive your car out of the garage, it suddenly won’t open.

    You’ve tried to click the open button over and over again, but it just won’t budge.

    We’ve been there, and a broken garage door opener in Philadelphia could be majorly inconvenient to anyone.

    As such, these are some things you should know about troubleshooting a broken garage door opener if it malfunctions.

    Important Things to Know Before Buying a Garage Door

    Before purchasing a garage door, it is always best to carefully think about it; how we’re going to use it, the longevity, the quality, the price, and the climate we are in.

    Here is a checklist to ensure you find the perfect garage door for you:

    Garage Door Warranties

    When purchasing a garage door, it is always best to buy one with either a one or two-year warranty.

    Hence when a problem occurs which would need either replacement or repair, there won’t be a need to pay for it.

    Although warranties vary from a year or two to a lifetime, dealers mostly cover the door panels and parts.

    It is always recommended to ask professionals like us about these types of warranties.

    The Benefits of Insulation

    While in the market for a garage door, you might wonder if the insulation is worth the extra couple hundred bucks; yes, it is.

    Winter in Philly gets pretty cold; it even reaches 0°F from December through March.

    With it being very practical, it also looks better, increases the value of a home, and acts as a sound barrier.

    Garage Door Styles

    Buying the perfect garage door is like buying the perfect tie for our suit.

    When we think about our houses as a suit, then our garage door must complement it.

    Here are some options that might suit your style:

    1. Raised-Panel garage doors: If you have that classic style and want to go for a more traditional look, then this garage door with raised symmetrical triangles is the perfect one for you.
    2. Contemporary garage doors: Contrary to the first garage door, this garage door has a more modern feel to it; with its combination of metal and glass, it screams class in the modern era.
    3. Carriage House: These are the garage doors that usually open from the center, and it has a very rustic feel to it and looks great on contemporary homes.

    Why Our Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

    After banging on our remote controls several times and pushing the open button a dozen more, we’ve finally decided to just look it up on the internet and find a reason why we have a broken garage door.

    You’ve come to the right place because here in Garage Doors Philly; we want to cater to all your broken garage door problems.

    Here are the five reasons why your garage door opener won’t work:

    Depleted Batteries

    If it’s been a while since you’ve changed your remote control’s batteries and your garage door suddenly stopped responding to your remote, maybe it’s about time you changed them.

    To confirm that the remote control batteries are the culprit, try opening your garage door with the wall-mounted control panel.

    If it opens, then the batteries are most likely to be the reason.

    Disrupted Remote Signal

    After replacing the batteries, and it still won’t respond, then there must be an interference between the remote and the opener.

    The most common causes for this to occur is either your remote is out of range, or the antennae are damaged.

    Stay 20 feet from your garage door and try pressing it; the further you are from the garage door, the weaker the signal is.

    If you think that your remote is working, check the antennae if it looks damaged.

    If it is damaged or something looks dislodged, contact Garage Doors Philly, and we will fix the problem right away!

    Lock Button Engaged

    It may seem like an uncommon mistake, but sometimes we accidentally lock the garage door while we are doing our everyday routine.

    To disengage this, locate the control panel mounted on the wall and press the lock button.

    After unlocking it, test the garage door’s operations by opening the door with the control panel’s open button.

    Door Control Wiring Malfunction

    Another common reason why our garage door opener isn’t working is a malfunction with the wiring.

    If you’ve already tried all the basic ways to fix your garage door opener, you can try these simple steps:

    1. Unplug the opener from the socket and disconnect the wires from the garage door motor.
    2. Reconnect it to gain power, then reset all programs, clear its memory, and reprogram the remote controls.
    3. Unplug the device again and reconnect the wiring to the motor.
    4. Disconnect the wirings from the wall-mounted controls.
    5. Use the remote to your garage door to test it out.

    Remote Reprogramming

    As time wears out our garage doors, the connection between our remote control and opener may be in need of some reassociation.

    We can do this by pressing the learn button of our garage door’s remote.

    Hold it for three to five seconds or up until a led light from your remote will blink, then test it out if the reprogramming was successful.

    What to do if it still doesn’t work?

    What do you do after trying everything and still come out hopeless?

    Don’t worry!

    A broken garage door opener in Philadelphia is pretty common, but it’s just time to call the professionals.

    Here at Garage Doors Philly, we cater to garage door repairs, garage door installations, and other garage door services.

    We make sure that you won’t be troubled with a broken garage door opener in Philadelphia again!

    For your garage door concerns, trust Garage Doors Philly; call us now!

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