Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    As responsible homeowners, it is essential to always keep a garage door maintenance checklist.

    Garage doors might be the sturdiest technology in the household, but inconsistent care would bring its downfall.

    A garage door has an average lifespan of ten to fifteen years.

    However, it is not guaranteed that a garage door could function properly for that long.

    Unless the garage door was taken care of properly and regularly, it should live through its expected lifespan.

    Most homeowners tend to neglect having maintenance done because the garage door can handle all factors that could affect it.

    They are wrong.

    Garage doors, like any other household accessory, should also be prioritized.

    As these garage doors are the toughest accessory in the household, so it’s best to take care of their functionality for better performance in the long run.

    Below are some things homeowners should keep in mind regarding having a garage door maintenance checklist.

    1. Watch and Observe the Door in Motion.

    Test out the garage door’s functionality and observe whether the door creates strange jerking movements.

    Jerking movements accompanied by noisy clanking means that there’s a serious problem with the garage door motor.

    A well-tuned garage door is quiet whenever it moves to open or close itself.

    Observe the garage door’s external parts and inspect the hardware’s sides, such as its springs, pulleys, and cables.

    Always check to see if the hardware is symmetrical and in place.

    2. Lubricate Moving Parts.

    Applying lubricant is the most budget-friendly way of maintaining the garage door’s proper functioning.

    Keep the rollers and springs well lubricated to reduce stress and rust build-up on its parts.

    It’s advisable to apply high-quality lubricant on the rollers or hinges that show signs of wear twice a year.

    It is also important to lubricate the garage door’s pulleys found on the extension spring openers and bearings of the torsion springs when rust is starting to become noticeable.

    Only on these parts of the garage door hardware must homeowners spray lubricant on.

    There is no need to apply it to the door’s belt opener.

    3. Inspect the Cables and Pulleys

    The cables and pulleys of the garage door are connected to the bottom rollers of the door.

    These tools support the springs so that it may lift the garage door with its heavyweight and safely close and open the garage door.

    When homeowners notice a broken cable or spring, it is advisable to call professional garage door repair services and not handle the problem independently.

    Dealing with broken springs and damaged cables without professional help can increase the chances of more significant damage and severe injuries.

    It’s advisable for homeowners only to inspect the cables and pulleys whether or not they are still in good condition.

    4. Replace The Garage Door’s Weatherstripping

    Another vital thing to take into consideration for the garage door maintenance checklist is the door’s weatherstripping.

    The weatherstripping is found on the bottom part of the garage door.

    Moreover, the weatherstripping serves as a protective shield from outside factors such as water, dust, and other weather factors.

    A garage door’s weather stripping should also be a priority, as it deals with the drastic change of weather in its long run of functionality.

    Inspect the garage door’s sides to see if the weather stripping has become loose.

    If so, reattach it.

    If reattaching alone fails, it’s time to get it replaced with a new weather stripping.

    Weatherstripping replacements costs at an average of $128 to $403.

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