How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

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    How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

    Being garage’s face, garage doors are highly exposed to external factors.

    With so many possible destructive elements, your garage doors are prone to having dents that decrease your garage’s overall beauty and appeal.

    With these dents, your garage will stand out but in the wrong way.

    As an owner, these circumstances frustrate you, especially that the fixing and beautification cost a lot.

    No need to worry; we have ways on how to fix a dented garage door.

    Garage door dents are usual tendencies that occur to garage doors.

    To reiterate, they are exposed to various external factors like a strong wind, animal scratches, snow, flood, and many more.

    Since these annoying occurrences usually happen to most homeowners, of course, there is an easy way to do it by yourself, without the need for professionals and intimidating equipment.

    By repairing the garage door by yourself, you will not just save money, but also time!

    Prepare the needed tools.

    Before you jump off to fixing the dents, prepare the necessary tools to avoid going back and forth to retrieve them.

    The following are the tools you need to have to repair your dented garage door:

    • Sandpaper
    • Wooden block
    • Paint
    • Primer
    • Putty knife
    • Brush
    • Patching material

    Determine the dented areas

    What you need to do first is to check the overall condition of the garage door, then determine where it has suffered the most.

    By identifying all the damages, you will save time because you will not have to repair it again upon realizing that there are more spots.

    Clean the dents

    Once done with the dent recognition, the step to follow is cleaning it.

    Clean the identified damaged areas with warm water and detergent soap.

    Prepare a bucket and fill it with moderately warm water.

    Next, put in one teaspoon of detergent soap.

    Mix the water, and the soap, then use a sponge to rub it into the garage door.

    After cleaning it with the water and soap mixture, hose it thoroughly and let it rest to dry by itself.

    Once dry, prepare the block of wood and rubber mallet.

    Over the dent, put the block of wood, then use your rubber mallet to tap it.

    Remember not to overdo it! We still have more steps to follow.

    Smooth the surface

    After the cleaning process, get your fine-grit sandpaper.

    This step will require you to sand the dented ones into a smooth plain area.

    Do not worry if it does not look perfect.

    Naturally, the dented areas will look concave, unlike the surrounding surface.

    Again, do not overthink these spots.

    These areas will be taken care of in the following steps, which will focus on the filling, priming, and painting.

    Fill in the dented areas.

    In this part, we will focus on filling in the dented areas.

    Finally, it is time to put something in the dip the dent used to reside.

    In most cases, garage doors are made from metal.

    To fill in these dents, use a general putty or choose a brand for auto body use since it functions to repair the same kind of material.

    However, if your door is wood, we suggest using epoxy wood putty to cover these dents.

    To apply the putty, use the putty knife and smooth it with your might.

    On a side note, remember to read the instructions to avoid further complications.

    The instruction provides steps and tips like how long it does take to dry.

    Once the putty dries and hardens, use the sandpaper to ensure that the patched area is leveled to the original surface.

    Next, remove the excess dirt using a wet towel, then let it dry again.

    Paint the garage door

    The last step to finishing the DIY dented garage door repair is to prime the spot then paint it.

    To ensure quality, double coat the paint.

    Call a professional garage door specialist.

    If the dents do not go away after following the given steps, maybe it is time to call for a garage door repair company.

    Our services will be delighted to assist you in the whole fixing and beautification process.

    Our team is filled with professional maintenance specialists who have proven to have excellent skills.

    Call us now for assistance, and let’s get that dents off your garage door!

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