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    Commercial Garage Door Service in Philadelphia

    A commercial garage door and the factors considered before choosing one differ slightly from those of a residential door.

    Businesses and public property need secure benefits that will protect their spaces and valuables.

    There is so much more to garage doors now than just opening and closing them.

    Aside from being a great storage space, manufacturers have advancements regarding functionality too.

    There are different types, sizes, and materials that are perfect for your business if you know what you’re looking for.

    Here’s what you need to think about before calling for commercial garage door service in Philadelphia and investing in new doors.

    The Long Run

    Generally, commercial doors are more durable than those of residential homes.

    Some doors are made of a sturdier material, which makes them ideal for establishment storage.

    Others are lower maintenance, making them cost-efficient and less prone to frequent garage door repair.

    Commercial doors can also be made up of different parts that affect how well they work over years of use.

    Some also feature a high-tech garage door motor, which can be time efficient and require less manual labor.

    Since they are investments, it’s important to narrow down what life will be like years after your initial garage door installation.

    Choosing the Right Type

    There are three popular types in the commercial garage door industry.

    High-speed doors have made frequent cycles less time-consuming.

    They are made to work fast and well while effectively fighting off the strain on the door’s components.

    Sectional garage doors are more cost-efficient and flexible.

    They are very durable, which makes them a top candidate, but can also be customized with other features like thermal efficiency.

    A commercial garage door service in Philadelphia, such as those we offer, can install these features given the appropriate headroom or backroom in a space.

    Finally, there are rolling steel options.

    For establishments that store valuables or materials in smaller spaces that do not have a lot of backroom or headroom, opt for these commercial garage doors instead.

    The interlocking steel slats coil into one big barrel to save space and function.

    The third and final option is secure and will also last a long time with your business.

    Overall Insulation

    The thermal installation that your door should provide will depend on your area or business.

    This isn’t just for energy efficiency; insulated doors can also be used as protection against strong winds or rain.

    The garage’s interior is regulated during cooler or warmer times of the year.

    At Garage Doors Philly, we recommend investing in a door with an R-Value of around R10 or more.

    Safety in Case of Fires

    Another great feature to take advantage of is commercial garage doors that are fire-rated.

    This means that they have the ability to close automatically in case of a fire.

    Fire-rated doors act as an extra precaution when any smoke is detected in an establishment.

    If there are any flammable goods that you or your business come into contact with regularly, this feature is non-negotiable.

    Businesses that work with hazardous chemicals or any machinery will do well to consider fire-rated doors.

    For Appearance’s Sake

    A final factor to consider is what the garage door will look like.

    Thankfully, there are a number of colors, materials, and designs out there for businesses that are also considering aesthetics.

    Big, clunky garage doors are a thing of the past.

    For structures with garages positioned where clients and guests can easily spot them, appearance does quite matter.

    Garage doors take up a lot of space and give off a neat, professional vibe when they fit well into a company’s infrastructure.

    Your door’s exterior appearance can be customized depending on the material it is made out of, and your establishment’s budget.

    Our commercial garage door service in Philadelphia can help you with installation and maintenance after you’ve chosen the best door for your business.

    Only the Best for You

    These are just a few guidelines for choosing the perfect commercial garage door.

    Other matters regarding the garage door motor, opener, and components can also be discussed with us.

    If you’re thinking of upgrading anything about your commercial garage door, we are always here to help.

    Call us today for all of your establishment’s garage door needs.

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