What To Do When Garage Door Is Jammed 

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    What To Do When Garage Door Is Jammed 

    There are tons of garage doors in the market, and they all play a vital role in securing our things.

    It protects our vehicles from damage, and its locking features ensure us that no vandalism and theft will occur on our property.

    Also, garage doors can not only house and protect cars but also be transformed into a space for comfort, work, hobbies, and projects.

    If you have left your garage door and its functionality unattended for a while, there is no wonder if it’s now more prone to damages that need urgent repairs.

    Moreover, although doing a DIY garage door repair to fix the problem might help, it will not guarantee the success of the repairs and your safety and convenience.

    Indeed, there are high risks associated with garage door issues, such as personal injury, illegal car damage, and burglary.

    However, jammed-up garage doors are among the most common issues that could be easily fixed.

    As such, below are the summed up some tips about what to do when garage door is jammed:

    Try to unlock your garage door.

    First, check if the garage door is not locked.

    More often than not, this problem arises due to someone playing with our garage door locks.

    Furthermore, some garage doors are easy to tinker with; by only turning the handle, the door could be automatically locked.

    These garage doors have a “full lock” system, enabling anybody, even children or passersby, to turn the handle and mistakenly lock it from the outside.

    This problem could be easily fixed by checking the lock’s status.

    Check if there are damages to the garage door springs.

    One of the common causes of a jammed door could be a broken garage door spring.

    Ideally, there are two types of springs used in garage door installations; torsion and extension springs.

    In checking a broken torsion or extension spring, try to look for gaps between the springs.

    Also, assess if a spring is hanging on the side of the garage door.

    If you don’t know what to do when garage door is jammed, it may be dangerous to do it alone, especially if we have never done it before.

    Since the spring is one of the deadliest components of garage doors, it is better to ask for professional assistance.

    Replace the garage door cables.

    The garage door cables play one of the significant roles in the proper operation of the whole system.

    They are fastened to the brackets below each side of the door and function with the door springs to raise and adjust the door’s height as needed.

    If the garage door cable is broken, the garage door will not move.

    Thus, the best solution to the problem could be replacing it with a new one, and it will be good as new.

    Assess if it is due to the bad weather.

    Some people don’t know what to do when garage door is jammed, but one of the usual reasons people are unaware of is that garage doors could be jammed due to bad weather.

    The garage door could get stuck, especially during the cold winter, as ice may build up along the edges and free areas and put pressure on the springs.

    Clearing the ice alone will not help since the springs may also have been affected by being soaked and would need an immediate replacement.

    Try checking if the garage door works when it’s free of ice to see if the problem resolves.

    If not, a good alternative is to replace the garage door spring, but doing it alone is dangerous and could void our garage door warranty.

    If this problem is present, call a professional immediately.

    Examine if anything is blocking any part of the track.

    A garage door’s mechanism relies on the garage door opener, which unwinds or winds the torsion springs, pushing or pulling the garage door rollers in the track.

    If there is debris along the tracks, it could be why the garage door is stuck.

    As a safety precaution, turn off the garage door opener before attempting to remove any dirt that could have caused the problem.

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