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    With garage doors protecting so much space inside your home, it’s no wonder they are so important.

    The process of narrowing down the choices could take time and can be confusing if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for.

    The choices are now endless; we would know as a Philadelphia garage door company that deals with the different varieties of garage doors.

    Planning out what it should look like, where it should go, and when the garage door installation should take place is rewarding and could save you from making mistakes.

    Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you want the best door for your garage.

    Lifestyle Factors

    The cost of a door will depend on your lifestyle.

    This also reflects on the type of home you own.

    Residential homes have different architectural structures, and choosing the right door can make that shine or seem completely out of place.

    Take the time to think about how much you’re willing to invest in the door and what features you may need due to circumstances like weather conditions.

    The garage door is also a great way to make a first impression.

    There are some really beautiful ones out there that also come with a fancy garage door motor.

    Did you also know that your home’s value increases with the perfect garage door?

    They aren’t just out there to open and close; garage doors are very valuable, too.

    Think about what your garage will be used for too.

    Will you need more security for vehicles or for the things you will be keeping in storage.

    The way you live and will make use of your garage matters.

    The Best Style

    The choices can truly be overwhelming.

    The best garage door is one that fits into the existing aesthetic your home has.

    The traditional garage doors have panels.

    They normally raise the panels open and will let them down to close.

    This is a simple style that fits into most residential homes.

    Contemporary garage doors are more modern in both look and material.

    The majority of these are made out of both glass and aluminum for a more futuristic and clean feel.

    Like traditional raised panel doors, they can be customized to a certain color or have specific windows.

    The final style that is common in residential doors is the barn-like ones.

    Carriage house doors flatter colonial influenced or Victorian homes.

    Do be warned, they look like they should swing open, but they are actually opened by being lifted up.

    Don’t be afraid to work with what you already have, and consult a Philadelphia garage door company for any questions regarding the most suitable door.


    Now, there is the matter of materials and make.

    If you’re in the market for a durable and affordable door, choose one that is made out of steel.

    They are strong and can withstand different seasons when they come to pass.

    The only issue you may have and will need to check on constantly is rust.

    Another popular choice is actually wood.

    They have gained popularity for being breathtaking even though they are high-maintenance.

    If you have the means and the patience to look after this material, go for it.

    They definitely make a statement and will be talked about in the neighborhood.

    Next up are glass and aluminum garage doors.

    These are also resistant to changing weather but can be slightly pricier than the previous choices.

    Aluminum is a great choice for residents who want a lighter door that can be manually lifted if need be.

    Whatever your potential garage door is made of, it will not completely be immune to repair.

    Routine maintenance and prevention benefits the door and your bank account.

    Installation and Maintenance

    Let’s say you’ve chosen the best possible choice out there that will fit into your home, is made out of great material, and is within your budget.

    Garage Doors Philly can take over from here.

    We’re a Philadelphia garage door company that’s here to help install your door.

    We can also help you get to know the different parts of your door that will need maintenance years later.

    Additionally, we can let you know when repairs and replacements must take place for the sake of your garage door.

    For garage door repair, maintenance, and installation, give our representatives a call!

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