How To Test Garage Door Sensors

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    Garage door sensors are part of a garage’s safety measures.

    The function of the sensors is to detect anything in the way of the door panels.

    When the garage is open, it’s normal to have something in the way of the tracks.

    The sensors need to detect the garage well in case of random objects blocking the path of the traveling door.

    As such, when the sensors finally find an obstruction, it triggers the garage door’s auto reversal mechanism.

    What is an auto reversal mechanism?

    It’s when the opener automatically lifts open a descending door panel because there is obstruction present.

    The auto-reversal mechanism has saved many homeowners from damage expenses and emergencies.

    However, what if the sensors don’t work properly, or at all?

    When you don’t have a fully functional sensor, your garage could be in deep trouble.

    Think about your family, your children, and pets who may be running around the garage all the time.

    Faulty sensors can lead to severe injuries and damages to the garage doors.

    Know how to test garage door sensors so you can ensure that the safety measures in your garage are in place.

    It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Path obstruction

    The first thing you need to do is check if the sensors are fully functional in detecting obstruction.

    Put a random object that’s higher or taller than the placement height of the sensor.

    Use a random object like a carton box and put it on the path of the door panels.

    Command the opener to close the door panels and watch as it descends the path.

    The door panel should open again as the sensor beam detects the object along the way.

    Power supply

    The next thing to check is the power supply of the sensor.

    The door sensor relies on electricity to function properly and has some wires that connect to the device.

    Remove and reconnect the power supply of the sensor.

    Afterward, it should turn on and flash a beam of light from the lens.

    Don’t forget to check the other sensor on the opposite track.

    Sensor lens

    The lens of the sensor is the one responsible for detecting the obstruction.

    Check the lens of each sensor.

    Since the sensors are near the foot of the tracks, it’s prone to a lot of debris and dirt buildup.

    Wipe the lens properly with a  clean cloth and wipe the glass with water when necessary.

    Check if the light is beaming clearly across the path.

    Track alignment

    One of the most common issues with a sensor is the alignment in the tracks.

    For both sensors to work properly together, they should be the same height and place in the track.

    Both sensors should be able to detect one another.

    For misaligned sensors, adjust the brackets by moving them up and down the same height as the opposite sensor.

    The indication that both sensors are working is when there is a solid beam of light; misaligned sensors flash blinking lights.

    Moisture check

    Since the sensors are near the garage entrance, it’s also prone to a lot of exposure.

    Rainwater and hale can easily cover the sensors.

    Check for any wet parts or moisture formations in the sensors.

    Turn the sensors off, wipe both devices properly with a clean cloth, and reconnect the sensor to the power supply again.

    Test for the function of the sensor to make sure it works properly again.

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    There are various ways for you on how to test garage door sensors.

    Ensure the condition of the sensors, so the safety measure in your garage works well.

    Accidents can happen at any time without a working sensor detecting the issue in the door path.

    When this happens, you compromise the safety of your garage and make your belongings more prone to damages.

    If you need any help repairing the sensor, we are here to give you our work.

    We are Garage Doors Philly, and we give garage door repair in Philadelphia to all garage owners.

    Our team offers more than just repairs; we also give our garage door installation in Philadelphia.

    Our installations include setting up sensors in your garage.

    Keep in touch with our team and book a job with us.

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