How To Open Garage Door Manually

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    How To Open Garage Door Manually

    Garage doors are supposed to protect us from outside harm, but there are some cases wherein they bring trouble.

    Unexpectedly you find yourself locked outside your garage or trapped inside it.

    Instead of panicking, consider ways to open your garage door manually.

    It is genuinely possible since most garage doors are automated and electric, meaning they have alternative ways to open them in case of an emergency, like a power outage.

    If you ever find yourself in that awkward tricky position, stay calm and follow these ways to open your garage door manually.

    We have three methods and see what works best for you.

    Before we proceed to the steps, always be prepared for the risk and be careful.

    First Way to Open the Garage Door Manually

    If you are trapped inside the garage, find the right mechanism that controls the garage door.

    You can find it attached in the center of the ceiling, stretching from the door itself to the back part of the garage.

    It might also be hanging from the ceiling or even on the ceiling itself.

    What is certain is that you are looking for a long rail with a red rope or chain hanging from a lever.

    Once you find it, pull that chain until you can see the level coming to its down position.

    Afterward, you can use the garage door manually.

    Take note that the red chain is for emergency purposes.

    You can see it in the garage manual, although its name might vary from different manuals.

    Still, it has the same feature and function.

    So, there is no way you can miss this unique part.

    Since it is an emergency release cord, it functions to detach the trolley from the door’s mechanism.

    It means that when it is pulled, the door can work manually, without power.

    If you still find it challenging to locate, try searching it down the garage if the door is in an open position.

    On the other hand, if the door is closed, the red rope is most likely placed on the top.

    Second Way to Open the Garage Door Manually

    Perse, you don’t have a back door, and there is no other way to get out from the garage except the garage door itself.

    If this is the scenario, here is another way to open the garage door manually.

    What differs the second way from the first way is the door’s situation.

    Here, the garage is fully shut, not partially in an open or closed position, and you are outside your garage.

    For this step, ready a long wire, then shape the end tips like a hook.

    What’s more, is a ladder for breaking into the garage.

    You need to reach the red chain mentioned earlier and detach the trolley from the mechanism.

    After reaching the red rope, put the ladders in a position that you can easily access, preferably at the center of the garage door.

    Afterward, let’s proceed to a tricky step.

    You should find a slight crack in the frame of the garage door.

    Worry not, though; it has enough space to insert the wire.

    This is crucial; try as hard as you can to aim it into the place where the red rope is found inside the garage.

    Once you managed to put it through, hook it up with the trolley’s handle.

    Once assured that the wire is already hooked, pull it back.

    That will disconnect the mechanism and enable manual usage.

    Third Way to Open the Garage Door Manually

    For the last step to open your garage door, locate the Emergency Door Kit.

    Its purpose is, of course, for emergencies like power outages, electric mechanism issues, and manual opening options.

    What you only need to do to access the kit is insert the key.

    Inside the kit, there is a metal rod you need to pull.

    The rope inside is connected to the trolley’s lever that will disconnect it from automated use and shift to manual.

    Call for a garage door repair service.

    A garage door malfunctioning might cause panic, stress, and anxiety.

    Sure, these ways are credible, but you can always call a garage door repair service like us if you are not confident enough to do it.

    We provide guaranteed excellent service to assist you and aid your garage door problems.

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