How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    Garage Motor Not Working

    Power outages can happen at any time of the day.

    When the power is out in your area, how can you access the garage?

    The door opener needs the right amount of electricity to work and receive your command.

    Once you use the remote and command the opener, the garage opens up automatically.

    This isn’t the case when there is an issue with the opener or your household has no power.

    There has to be a way to access the garage without the necessary commands for the opener.

    The answer is through the emergency release cord of the garage door system.

    Learn how to open the garage door manually from outside, so you don’t need to panic when the opener doesn’t open the garage.

    Opening the garage the manual way is not as difficult as you think.

    All you need to do is stay safe and follow some steps.

    Emergency key release

    All openers have an emergency release cord.

    The emergency release cord serves as the manual backup of the garage in case you can’t open the garage automatically.

    Step 1: Find the emergency key release on the panel

    Not all garages may have an emergency key release, despite having the emergency release cord.

    It’s something that you need to install as an additional measure outside.

    So, if you have an emergency key release, locate it along the top-most part of the panels.

    Step 2: Pull out the lock pin tumbler of the emergency key release

    Turn the key that’s within the lock tumbler.

    You should be able to pull out the lock tumbler after unlocking it from the panel.

    Once you do, remove the lock tumbler from its place.

    Step 3: Pull the emergency release cord

    You will be able to see the emergency release cord now.

    Pull it out of the hole or the lock placement to disengage the motor in the opener.

    This move allows you to lift the garage doors without using the opener manually.

    Step 4: Lift the door panels

    Lift the door along the tracks.

    Exert extra effort to push up the panels as it might be heavier due to lack of support from the opener arm.

    Now, you can open your garage and drive in your vehicle.

    Step 5: Return the emergency key release

    Re-engage the motor to the opener.

    Return the emergency key release lock and key back in place on the panel.

    Don’t forget to keep everything in place; the next time you can’t access the garage, you can do the same method.

    Hook the emergency release cord

    As the emergency key release isn’t always available, you need to find another way to access the garage.

    You can do your version of “breaking in” the garage using a hook from a wire or coat hanger instead.

    Step 1: Form a latching hook

    Using a sturdy wire or coat hanger, form a hook.

    You will use this hook to pull the cord from the opener.

    Make sure that the hook is sturdy so it doesn’t fall inside the garage.

    Step 2: Thread in the hook inside the garage

    Find an opening on the door panels.

    Many panels have a space between them or a glass window.

    Use this open space to thread in the hook you will use to pull the cord.

    Step 3: Pull the emergency release cord

    Try to reach the emergency release cord inside the garage.

    Note that the emergency release cord may be farther from the entrance.

    Pull the cord to disengage the opener motor from the door panels.

    Step 4: Open the garage manually

    Lift the door panels manually along the tracks.

    Ensure proper support and effort as you push the heavy panels along the tracks.

    You now have an open garage without the help of the automatic door opener.

    Step 5: Return everything in place

    Return the opener motor and connect the garage door to the carriage again.

    Don’t forget to keep in place the glass window panel or opening that you pried away earlier.

    Close the garage properly.

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