Garage Motor Not Working

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    Garage Motor Not Working

    Isn’t it stressful to imagine returning to the warehouse after a tiring day of driving to the supplier, only to find out that the commercial garage door only opens halfway through?

    Even with numerous attempts by employees to forcibly open the garage door, it still doesn’t work.

    Like the regular household overhead door, the ones found in the warehouse can also experience the same complications after repeated use.

    Aside from old age, another thing that could be the root of this problem could be a garage motor not working properly.

    There are many other elements that could lead the door’s motor to become faulty throughout its lifespan.

    If properly taken care of, the garage door might work throughout its expected lifespan of ten to fifteen years.

    There are other ways homeowners can do before contacting the local garage door repair.

    Below is a list of how to identify when your overhead motor is not working the way it should be and how to fix it.

    Garage Door Becomes Noisy

    The advanced mechanism on newer overhead doors comes with a motor unit that works with less noise.

    However, noises that seem to be a nuisance coming from the door could sign that there might be a problem.

    Try to observe its tracks and rollers and see if there have been damages, such as misalignment and loose screws.

    Additionally, check for rust built-up, as rust could be the main problem to such noises upon operating on the garage door.

    If the unnecessary noise stays, carefully observe your door’s motor.

    The rattling and creaking noises could come from the worn-out screws inside the unit.

    To check its condition, always make sure to disconnect it from its power source and inspect the motor and its gears’ condition.

    If the condition is in the worst state, the possible solution is to have the unit replaced immediately.

    Below is a video that could help homeowners understand better when it comes to dealing with noisy doors:

    How To Lubricate Your Noisy Garage Door

    Garage Door Closes Shut Immediately

    Automatic overhead doors tend to have this common issue once in a while, which could mean that one of its sensors isn’t working well or that its sensors may be out of its positioning.

    To fix the issue, grab the garage door instructions guide and read through for further instructions regarding the gadget.

    These garage door sensors are connected to the garage door motor since it is responsible for making the garage assemble work.

    If the sensors work after an observation check or clean the built-up dirt on its lenses, the problem is solved.

    However, when the sensors continue to malfunction, take it a sure sign of a garage motor not working.

    Remote Doesn’t Respond

    Modern automatic garage doors nowadays come with a remote-control unit.

    While it certainly brings convenience, there are times when the remote fails to do what it is supposed to do.

    Most homeowners face the same issues when the overhead door is not responding to the remote.

    As others would suggest, a simple change of batteries could resolve the issue right away.

    However, this might not always solve it.

    Better to read the door’s instruction manual if all else fails.

    A plausible reason for the problem is misaligned sensors or blocked lenses.

    If the sensors are not the issue, it leads back to the motor being the main cause of the trouble.

    It might be tempting, but a DIY job can go awry and give you even more problems than before.

    Door companies recommend calling a professional immediately, so don’t attempt fixing the problem on your own.

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