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    Garage Door Won't Open

    A garage door is an essential asset of one’s home.

    It provides the convenience of entering and exiting our homes, as we usually use it to have quick access to our personal belongings.

    However, that is not the only function of garage doors.

    Some homeowners would invest in a garage as it adds an advantage for an extra bit of storage.

    Aside from the fact that garage doors can provide and ensure adequate security for our valuables, they can also enhance our house’s value and appeal.

    Other elements can cause severe damage to our vehicles and valuables, and the garage doors are the best to provide that protection to our essentials.

    Garage doors may have many advantages, but we have to be aware of the details when we apply for a garage door installation.

    Since we use garage doors more frequently, it is prone to daily tears in wear over time.

    It can have damages and functional issues now and then.

    A faulty garage door can cause inconvenience to us.

    There could be several areas to check when a garage door is not functioning well.

    It is crucial to know each problem and find a solution before it gets worse.

    Here are the common issues of why your garage door won’t open:

    The photo-eye is blocked.

    Most garage doors use the photo-eye to detect if a person or thing is blocking while the door is opening or closing.

    A photo-eye is an addition to the safety features of most garage doors.

    If the garage door doesn’t continue to open or close, there could be some problems with your garage door’s photo-eye detector.

    To avoid any severe accidents or damages, when the photo-eye beam detects a person or any type of object, it will then halt its function to open or close.

    This safety feature can be much safer if you have pets, children, or any important objects in the garage.

    A garage door that won’t open can be an interruption.

    A cut or damage in the cord attached to the photo-eye can cause a malfunction to the garage door motor.

    Occasionally, leaks and rainstorms can also cause damage to the eye-photo.

    There is a disruption in the operator’s power source.

    We sometimes wonder why our garage doors won’t function.

    There are times when we accidentally unplug the power source for our garage doors.

    Homeowners have these common mistakes.

    To solve the problem, check if the cord is plugged into a working outlet.

    If the outlet is not working, you can try to use other electronics and check if it works.

    However, there can be a more severe problem why your garage door can not receive power from the outlet, and it is because of the blown fuse or a circuit breaker.

    Professionals can only handle these critical problems.

    Garage door torsion springs are broken.

    The sound of a broken garage door torsion springs can sure be an interruption.

    It can cause a loud sound that can be very uncomfortable to everyone within the vicinity.

    If the garage door won’t open, the problems might rest in the torsion and springs.

    Breaks in the springs are commonly the main reason why homeowners have to call garage door repair companies.

    This problem is very serious and can be very dangerous if you try and force the garage door to open.

    We need to let the professionals handle the problem.

    The remote control is malfunctioning.

    We commonly use a remote to control our garage doors; however, it can sometimes malfunction.

    If we use the remote, but the door fails to activate, there could be blocks in the signal.

    Reasons like, there could be damages in the antenna, or we are simply out of range are the common issues.

    We can check the antenna for damages and any other problems of misdirection.

    Trust Garage Doors Philly for any garage door repair in Philadelphia!

    The garage door is the most technologically complex entrance of your home.

    Whenever the garage door won’t open or function, we should address the problems as soon as possible.

    Don’t not wait for a more severe problem or accident to happen; call a professional as soon as possible.

    Ensure protection and quality service for your garage doors by calling us now!

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