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    Garage Door Slams Shut

    Garage doors have offered safety, convenience, and storage for years.

    They seem to be permanent fixtures in residential homes, but in reality, they have a long journey from garage door installation up until they are replaced.

    As technology advances, it makes sense that more modern doors need less maintenance and garage door repair.

    This is true, but it doesn’t mean completely disregarding its health.

    Even the most high-end garage doors are prone to problems that can be as simple as replacing a hinge or more serious issues like when the garage door slams shut.

    Whatever the issue, Garage Doors Philly is here to help.

    Seasonal Springs

    Routine maintenance as seasons change will help keep your door in tip-top shape but save you and your wallet.

    Springs are some of the hardest working components of a garage door system, and they deserve looking after.

    Over time and repetitive use, the springs can become weak and more prone to snapping.

    As soon as you notice it’s time for a change, contact us.

    Springs are probably the most accident-prone component of garage doors.

    They store tension from the door’s cycles and are very dangerous to handle on your own.

    Give us a call to prevent the door from slamming shut and preventing any accidents.

    Cable Complications

    Just like springs, cables do a lot of the heavy lifting with your residential garage door.

    Together with the garage door motor, you are able to easily command the mechanisms to do their job.

    Over time, even the strongest cables can start splitting and snap apart.

    You’ll know it’s time to call us whenever your garage door slams shut or if it sags to one side.

    We can easily adjust or replace your cables for you.

    Noise No More

    Undeniably, noisy garage doors can be extremely irritating.

    Most of the time, your door’s rollers or tracks are the culprits.

    There could be dust or debris that has built up over time, and you just need to clean that out.

    For issues with the rollers, a silicone-based lubricant is a solution.

    Squeaky rollers should ease up after proper care.

    It’s even worse when you don’t know where the screeching is coming from.

    In this case, it’s best to leave the troubleshooting and repair to us.

    Gaps Be Gone

    Garage doors are meant to provide security and are great for storage spaces.

    However, gaps and cracks could form over time.

    The weather sealant that protects your garage could need replacing if you’ve had harsher weather lately.

    Fill in these gaps and cracks to keep the cold, intruders, and stray animals out and away from your garage.

    Better Batteries

    There may be a day that the garage door slams shut because it’s not receiving the signals correctly.

    Your opener and the remote can have this miscommunication if there are other electronics around with the same frequency.

    Get rid of those distractions, and your signals should send as they did before.

    If you find that the door opener is unresponsive, the problem could be the remote’s batteries.

    Finding the right batteries ensures that the power is adequate for the remote, so make sure you’re grabbing the right ones!

    Sensible Sensors

    Their main function is to keep you and your belongings safe.

    The sensors that are installed along with the garage door motor are designed to open up the door when anything gets in the way.

    If they are misaligned, your door could close halfway or shut completely even when something is under it.

    If you need replacements or repairs for the little components in the sensors, our technicians would be happy to take a look.

    Door Do’s and Don’ts

    Do take the time to read a user manual, research, or learn about your garage door and what it’s made up of.

    This could come in handy when we’re on the phone trying to help you figure out what’s wrong.

    Do make maintenance or check-ups part of a routine.

    It will save money on repairs in the long run and also let you know if anything needs immediate attention or replacement.

    Don’t try to do everything yourself.

    If you are not 100% confident in your handyman skills, it is alright; we’ve been trained in this particular field.

    Don’t hesitate to call us!

    Our representatives are here for anything you and your garage door needs.

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