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    Slamming garage doors can cause safety compromises to your garage.

    Upon the first instance of slamming door slabs, book for a repair to prevent more issues from happening.

    The strong force can inflict a lot of damages to the door panels over time.

    The sudden changes in the door’s movement in the tracks affect the other parts of the door’s mechanism.

    However, the real issue is not the damages your doors in the garage will get.

    Your garage becomes a dangerous place with a slamming entrance door.

    You are putting yourself at risk by not fixing the issue urgently.

    Consider the slamming instances as a sign that you need urgent service for your garage.

    When you need garage door repair in Philadelphia, give us a call.

    We are Garage Doors Philly, and we can help you deal with the slamming doors in your garage.

    Part of our services includes garage door slams shut repair service.

    There’s no reason for you to delay the repair your doors need.

    Safety is a big concern in this scenario, and you’ll end up spending more on emergencies if you don’t fix the problem.

    Common reasons for a slamming garage door

    There are many causes for slamming doors.

    When the door suddenly slams down the tracks, it usually indicates other damages and problems in the entire mechanism.

    The main concern lies in the fact that heavy door panels don’t have enough support to regulate their downward travel.

    Broken spring

    The springs on top of the garage lift the door panels along the path.

    These devices provide the necessary torque to open or close the garage properly.

    However, sometimes, the springs wear out fast due to constant use.

    Most springs last 10,000 cycles, and if your springs are over that limit, the coils may not hold the same durability as before.

    The slamming doors result from the lack of proper torque that should come from the springs.

    Fraying or broken cables

    The cables support the springs in moving the door slabs when you open or close the garage.

    Unfortunately, the cables are prone to fraying and damage over time.

    More often than not, cables end up snapping out of the cable drum and loosening their hold on the bottom-most panel.

    When the cables snap, you may hear a loud slam in the garage and you can’t open the garage anymore.

    It would be best if you get a replacement for the cables as soon as possible.

    Opener drive issues

    The door opener has a driver carriage that carries the motor that moves the door panels along the overhead tracks.

    Most door openers have belts or chains that operate the driver of the opener.

    In case of loose chain loops or weak loop connections, the motor may lose its hold on the door panel.

    This is when you hear the slamming sound every time the door panels travel down the tracks.

    Repair the opener and fix the problems with the chain drive or belt drive.

    Force adjustment setting

    The force adjustment knobs are responsible for setting the travel force of the door.

    There are two force adjustment knobs: the upward travel force and the downward travel force.

    Take a look at your opener and check the current settings at the back of the opener.

    If there is too much force from the downward travel, there is a lot of unnecessary force that pushes down the door sectional panels.

    Decrease the force by turning the knob; you may need a flathead screwdriver to turn the knob quickly.

    Contact Garage Doors Philly and book a repair job for your garage

    If ever you need your garage door slams shut repair, give our team a call.

    The further you book for an inspection in this concern, the more dangerous it can be for anybody with access to your garage.

    Damages to the other parts of the garage take away the primary support that holds the heavy door slabs in place.

    Even with the presence of the auto-reversal to bring up the door panels, there isn’t enough support to lift the door panels fast enough.

    Slamming garage doors can quickly turn into falling garage doors.

    Mitigate this issue and call Garage Doors Philly to fix the problem.

    We are always available, and you can book us anytime.

    Our garage door repair in Philadelphia includes these scenarios where you can’t control the travel doors to your garage.

    However, you may think it’s time to get an upgrade in your garage.

    If you’re looking to change to a brand new model, we also offer a garage door installation in Philadelphia.

    All you need to do is contact our team.

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