Garage Door Opens By Itself

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    Garage Door Opens By Itself

    Our garage door is an integral part of our home that is often overlooked.

    Not only does it add to the home’s curb appeal, but it also gives our family added security and convenience.

    Since we use our garage doors many times in a day, the constant opening and closing of the door puts the system a lot more stress than we realize.

    Our garage doors have intricate mechanisms; when one part of the mechanism fails, no matter how insignificant it might seem, it can still affect the whole system.

    The ghost opening of the garage door may indicate a problem with its mechanism.

    Below are three reasons the garage door opens by itself and how to fix it:

    Check for debris.

    Automatic garage doors certainly make our life convenient.

    These doors do a lot for us, from shielding our cars from the rain to clearing them when it snows in winter.

    They have multiple parts that work together, and that includes several safety features.

    One of these features is the sensors found on either side of the garage door opening.

    These sensors can detect obstacles to make sure that nothing gets stuck underneath the door whenever it closes.

    When your garage door opens by itself after you close it, then you might want to check for any debris or build-up that the sensor is picking up.

    When the safety sensor picks up these, it activates and automatically opens the door as a response.

    To prevent this from happening, make sure that the debris and build-ups are cleared.

    Check the limit settings.

    Most garage doors have what we call open and closed limit settings on the garage door motor.

    These said settings can tell our garage doors how far up they will go when we open them entirely and how far down when we close them.

    When a garage door reaches these limits, it will stop.

    Thus, when our garage door opens by itself after we close it, we may have to adjust the closed limit settings.

    In an instance where these limits are set too high, the door will hit the ground once before reaching the closed limit.

    When this occurs, it will not register that it’s shut closed, so it will continue to move in the reverse direction, leaving us with a partially open door.

    It is also the same for an open limit when the door is all the way open.

    If that limit is set too high, it will not register that it’s open, and it will continue to move in the reverse direction, leaving a partially closed door.

    However, if you think that these settings might be the reason your garage door opens by itself, just contact a professional to come in and reset them for you.

    Check for radio interference.

    The opening and closing of the garage doors uses radio frequencies.

    Whether we are using our remote opener, passcode entry, or the buttons inside the garage, the openers and the door itself should be on the same frequency.

    Other devices also use the same frequency; police and CB radios or even the neighbors’ garage door might be on the same frequencies.

    When the neighbors’ garage door and your own have been programmed on the same frequency by accident, that might be the reason your garage door opens by itself.

    Therefore, when your neighbor uses their remote to open or close their garage door, it may cause yours to open, too!

    If the problem is the frequency, you can solve it by having your garage door openers reprogrammed.

    If you are still unsure, it would be best to contact a professional and let them check it for you.

    Count on Garage Doors Philly for garage door repair!

    When your garage door is acting up, it can cause a lot of trouble and may disrupt your day to day life.

    If your garage doors are still opening up on their own, and you can not seem to find the cause, it might be the best time to call in a professional.

    At Garage Doors Philly, we are ready to fix any issues and problems you have with your garage doors.

    With our trained technicians, we’ll get your garage doors to function like it’s new.

    Moreover, your satisfaction is our priority, so we ensure the best customer service.

    For garage door repair in Philadelphia, avail of our services and contact us now!

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