Garage Door Making Banging Noises

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    Garage Door Making Banging Noises

    Garage doors are fitted with mechanisms that allow them to open the way they do.

    Over time, these mechanisms will wear down and would need some form of maintenance and upkeep.

    Although it is very much possible to repair garage doors by yourself, this can be dangerous and could lead to some serious injuries if mishandled.

    Garage doors are heavy, and the mechanisms that enable them to open and close are often too complicated for a household repair.

    For instance, we know how annoying it is whenever an occurrence, like a garage door making banging noises, happens.

    The noises made by garage doors are usually caused by a combination of issues from their mechanisms and parts.

    To avoid misdiagnosis of the problem, we have compiled a list of things to do for people who intend to inspect the door’s system themselves.

    Check the Rollers and Tracks

    Both sides of a garage door contain mechanisms called rollers and tracks.

    This is what allows the garage door to slide up or down when opened or closed.

    Depending on the condition of your environment, as well as the frequency of use, debris may find its way into these mechanisms.

    Debris, such as small stones and leaves, will obstruct the rollers and prevent them from moving smoothly and freely.

    The rollers’ condition should also be accounted for; make sure that they are round enough to slide up and down.

    After you’ve removed any built-up debris, a few drops of motor oil will help the rollers operate smoothly.

    Inspect the Garage Door’s Hinges

    As with normal doors, a garage door’s hinges may loosen or take damage over the normal course of usage.

    Inspect the hinge and make sure that it is tightly fastened and that the roller bolt stays perpendicular to the track.

    Minor bends in the panels of the garage door can be straightened using a mallet.

    On the other hand, a socket wrench may be used to tighten any bolts that may have loosened.

    However, in most cases, you will need to call professionals to assess the damage.

    If you are unsure of what to do, contact Garage Doors Philly now!

    Isolate and Diagnose the Garage Door Opener

    Not all garage doors are opened manually; some are operated by an electric opener that is controlled by either a switch or a radio remote control.

    You will have to make sure that the garage door motor is not the part that causes the problem.

    Study the user manual that came with the opener and disconnect the door from the drive chain.

    After properly disconnecting the opener, open the door manually.

    If the opener fails to open completely or is behaving unnaturally, you may have to replace it.

    This is one of the most common causes of a garage door making banging noises.

    Keep the Torsion Springs Lubricated

    Most modern garage doors contain a part called the torsion spring.

    These springs are added to help open the garage door.

    Unfortunately, normal wear and tear could result in the coil locking up, which in turn prevents the door from opening smoothly.

    Moreover, this can cause the garage door to pop when being opened.

    However, this can be remedied by lubricating the torsion springs with motor oil.

    Cleaning the torsion springs using a dry cloth or towel would also help keep them in good condition.

    If your garage door making banging noises continues to persist, call Garage Doors Philly so we can accurately diagnose the problem.

    In some cases, these springs have to be modified or replaced; this is where our professional expertise comes into play.

    Professional Repairs from Garage Doors Philly

    A properly maintained garage door should not produce any banging or popping noise whenever it is opened or closed.

    Keeping it well-maintained is the key to preventing any form of damage that may eventually lead to the replacement of its parts.

    Failure to maintain the integrity of the garage door or any of its parts will, in due course, require the replacement of the entire garage door itself.

    At the end of the day, the best way to ensure the precision and thoroughness of a garage door repair is still to employ the services of professionals.

    For a reliable garage door repair in Philadelphia, give Garage Doors Philly a call now!

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