DIY Garage Door Dent Repair

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    Dents can be off-putting damage to your garage door.

    The presence of a dent disrupts the beauty and aesthetic of your door panel.

    When this happens, what can you do?

    There are many ways to fix a dent on the panel.

    Most of these methods are affordable options for you.

    Chances are, the things you need to fix the minor dents are already in your household.

    All you need to do is find some tools that can help you put the dent back into place.

    Follow these methods of DIY garage door dent repair.

    Banish the dent that’s deforming the smooth surface of your door panels in the garage.

    The best part is that there are plenty of ways to DIY the dent repair.

    There is more than one way of fixing a dent, so pick the method that works for you.

    Push back the dent

    One of the simplest ways to get rid of dents is to push them back in place.

    Step 1: Clean the dent first by applying dish soap and water to the area, and let it dry.

    Step 2: Using some force, push back the dents in place.

    Step 3: Keep repeating, but don’t force the dent; forcing the dent towards the panel may leave more damages.

    This DIY method works for metal panels and small dents only.

    For bigger dents, you’ll need more help.

    Hammer out the dent

    Another way is using a hammer for dent repair.

    For more flexible panel materials, a little tapping can do the job of fixing the dent.

    Step 1: Clean the dent on the panel.

    Step 2: Let the area dry before tapping it.

    Step 3: Put a piece of block over the dent.

    Step 4: Using a hammer or a mallet, keep tapping the block until you push flat the dent in the panel.

    Step 5: Repeat until the panel area is flat and there’s no visible dent in place.

    Metal is one of the most common materials in manufacturing sectional panels.

    This method works best for aluminum door panels.

    DON’T hammer out a dent in wooden panels or glass sectionals.

    Suction the dent

    A suction cup helps give a seamless finish in fixing dents.

    Suction cups work for many dented objects, including car dents.

    Step 1: Clean the dent by washing it with running water and dish soap.

    Step 2: Let the dent dry.

    Step 3: Find a suction, like a suction cup or a bathroom plunger.

    Step 4: Suction the area opposite the dent in the pane to bring back the dent in place.

    Step 5: Repeat the process until there are no visible dents in the garage door.

    This method works best for minor dents in the panels of metal panels.

    For best results, pour a liquid over the dentso the plunger or suction cup sticks to the dented area better.

    Apply heat to the dent

    For metal panels, cooling and heating the dent makes it more malleable.

    When you use temporary heat to make the dent easier to form, you can push it back in place along the panel.

    Step 1: Clean the dent in the panel and let it dry before fixing the dent.

    Step 2: Cover the entire dent with an aluminum foil strip.

    Step 3: Carefully apply heat  to the aluminum foil, i.e., using a lighter or small torch

    Step 4: After 1 minute of heating the aluminum, remove the aluminum foil.

    Step 5: Spray the dent with compressed air.

    Apply this way of dent repair for small dents only.

    For more stubborn dents, you’ll need additional help or a professional repair service to fix the dent.

    The DIY garage door dent repair methods work with small minor dents for metal-based panels.

    Seek professional service for big dents and book for a panel replacement service with Garage Doors Philly

    If you have a stubborn dent that doesn’t go away, what can you do?

    Call our team to help you deal with the dent and fix it in no time.

    We are Garage Doors Philly, and we can help you with dent damages to your garage door.

    Our garage door repair in Philadelphia involves fixing dents of all sizes and shapes in all types

    of door panels.

    In some cases, the best thing to do is get a new panel to replace the dented panel.

    This is where our garage door installation in Philadelphia comes in.

    We give installation to brand new doors or individual panels for your door.

    Book for a professional service from our team and get that dent away from your beautiful door panels.

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