Dented Garage Door Repair

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    Dented Garage Door Repair

    A garage door is an integral part of the home; it helps secure our families and properties in storage from theft, seasonal elements, and extreme temperatures.

    It also enhances the home’s appearance, as well as adding value to your property.

    Things like dirt, grime, and debris can be why the door becomes stuck and does not work correctly.

    Moreover, dents may lower the quality and value of a property. Thus it is essential to keep an eye on the panels’ condition and look out for possible damage.

    There may be times when we accidentally back our cars into the garage door, or bad storms may have dented them.

    However, don’t worry; a dented garage door repair is easier than we think it is.

    Although we can always count on garage door repair professionals’ help in fixing this problem, there are simple fixes that can be performed by yourself.

    Below are six ways to fix dented garage door panels at home:

    Check for the Extent of Damage

    Garage doors may suffer dents for a variety of reasons, some causing more significant damage than others.

    If you notice that your garage door does not open or close properly, you may contact your local garage door repair professional for a dented garage door repair.

    The method of repairing generally depends on the material of the garage door.

    Compared to wooden surfaces, panels made from aluminum or steel are usually easier to repair.

    According to the commercial garage door manufacturer’s specifications, a qualified technician will help you determine the best way to fix this problem.

    Hammer Out Garage Door Dents

    Small dents can be erased by carefully tapping on the dented areas back into place using a rubber mallet.

    The malleability of aluminum garage doors allows for this type of dent repair.

    The following steps may be administered to the dent without the help of a garage door repair professional:

    First, thoroughly clean the dented area using warm water and detergent; allow it to completely dry with a towel or by letting it air dry.

    Next, place a wooden block directly over the dent and tap carefully with a mallet.

    Then, even out the area using fine-grit sandpaper, and finally, patch the dented area with a compound or auto body filler.

    This will help cover the sanded area and make it smooth once again.

    Fix Garage Door Dents with Suction Cups

    Suction devices work well in correcting metal garage door dents.

    This technique pulls the dents and bumps outward in a fixed direction.

    For small-scale jobs, suction cup methods are ideal and do not take too long to finish.

    Repair Dented Garage Doors with Heat

    Rapid heating and cooling can help soothe dents back into place.

    This process may involve aluminum foil, a heat source, and a can of compressed air to reshape the damaged panel.

    First, wash the dented panel and allow it to completely dry.

    Then, stretch the aluminum foil directly over the dented area and heat with a lighter for approximately one minute.

    Afterwhich, quickly remove the aluminum foil and spray the dented area with compressed air for about thirty seconds to one minute.

    Lastly, pop the panel back in place with carbon monoxide.

    Garage Door Panel Replacement

    It is best to have a technician for major repairs and garage door installation.

    Not only can they do repairs, but they can also contact the manufacturer of the commercial garage door installed in your home.

    By doing this, your garage door panels can be replaced with the exact same shape, size, and color.

    Moreover, your safety is guaranteed when a trained technician performs the replacements using their expertise.

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