Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair

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    Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair

    Businesses investing in commercial garage doors have been growing in number these days.

    It helps protect the company facilities and vehicle, and it also serves as extra room space.

    When the commercial garage door doesn’t work, it could lead to many questions on where the malfunctioning is coming from.

    A defective garage door can put the business and employees at risk when not handled immediately.

    Fortunately, the state of Philadelphia has a lot of local commercial garage door motor repair around the area.

    Before calling the nearest garage door repair in Philadelphia, below are some common issues that might involve a problem with the commercial garage door motor.

    Power Supply Problems

    Most commercial garage doors these days are made from the most advanced technology available.

    Automatic garage doors come with a power supply that should generate enough energy to lift the door with ease.

    However, there will come a time when the door could barely make a full opening or the opposite.

    If the garage door does not come to a full shut, there could be a problem with the garage door’s power supply.

    Moreover, it is a fact that the garage door’s power supply is heavily connected to the main power supply of the entire facility.

    Before checking what’s wrong with the power supply, double-check your garage door’s entire hardware.

    The problem might be connected to the power supply, but that doesn’t exactly mean that it’s the power supply.

    Nevertheless, if the main problem is the power supply, it is advisable to call the commercial garage door motor repair for professional help.

    Misaligned Sensor Eye

    Another feature that comes with most automatic doors these days is its sensors.

    Sensors get the job done with such ease.

    Employees wouldn’t have to worry about manually opening or closing the garage door, the same way old garage doors work.

    However, it can be stressful to imagine that the sensor connectivity fails to work on a random day.

    A malfunctioning sensor could mean that the gadget is blocked, damaged, or disconnected.

    The garage door can’t come to a full close because the sensor thinks that something is blocking the way, and it could be unsafe to proceed.

    Inspect the sensor’s lenses as dirt could be one possible source as to why the sensor could not detect the command.

    If it’s not dirt, then it’s most likely that there is something wrong with the sensor’s mechanism.

    Grab the door’s instruction manual and try to restart the sensor’s system.

    Also, try replacing the remote control’s batteries, since the problem could be about the old batteries.

    If this still does not work, it’s best to get a replacement or have the sensor repaired by a professional.

    Check out this video to know more about how to deal with malfunctioning garage door sensors.

    Garage Door Track Damage

    Another common issue that commercial garage owners face is damaged tracks.

    Commercial garage doors work on metal tracks, and if damaged, could cause complications when it comes to closing and opening the garage door.

    The consistent use of the door causes misalignment on garage door tracks.

    Further inspecting for damages such as dents or gaps on the steel tracks is essential.

    The wear and tear of the garage door track could most likely decrease within constant use.

    Thus, proper maintenance of the door must be observed to lengthen the overhead door tracks’ lifespan.

    It is advisable not to do DIY repairs on garage tracks due to the high chances of accidents.

    Instead, seek professional help when it comes to commercial garage track replacement.

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