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    Garage Door Installation Service in Philadelphia

    First impressions have always mattered.

    The exterior of any residential home can set not only the tone for the house’s interior, but also the kinds of lives its residents live.

    While the front porch does gain a lot of attention, and while the garden can be breathtaking, garage doors can make a lasting impression too.

    Homes that have the garage door smack dab in the middle of the front can make or break impressions.

    Before deciding that you need quality garage door installation service in Philadephia, you need to get to know your potential door.

    Door Galore

    Believe it or not, there are actually more than two different types of garage doors out there.

    Manufacturers have been continually working hard creating different kinds to suit diverse needs and preferences.

    Tilt-up retractable doors are also called up and over garage doors.

    They are designed to lift up and into the garage and usually do not take up any space beyond the front of a house.

    These take more time to get the hang of and are pricier than other designs.

    Tilt-up garage doors are also one piece with a pivoting mechanism that usually has a hinge.

    They do tend to extend past the front of the house, so keep this in mind.

    Sectional garage doors are probably the most popular choice in the country.

    There are a series of panels that make up the door which are connected to hinges.

    When the door is opened and closed, the wheels on the edge of the panels help with its movement.

    There is also a pair of springs attached to different cables that prevent it from closing whenever the garage door is partially open.

    Due to their popularity, sectional doors are more affordable and are very customizable.

    On the other hand, side-hinged doors are a modern take on an old design.

    Much like double-doors or barn doors today, these come in sizes perfect for vehicles.

    There is a high demand for this classic design, but more modern materials and styles are requested.

    Roll-up or coiling doors are more popular choices for commercial buildings, but some homeowners prefer them.

    As the name suggests, coiling doors open and close by rolling up or down.

    Compared to the sectional option, they are a practical investment for your home since they will require less frequent garage door repair.

    Finally, side to side garage doors.

    These have the ability to bend from one side of the garage to another.

    Garages that have less headroom can opt for this style.

    They are quite unique since they do not require any balancing springs and can be installed with a garage door motor.

    After deciding on what door best fits your preference, give us a call for the best garage door installation service in Philadelphia.

    What are they made of?

    Ultimately, this will depend on you, the homeowner.

    Different materials have their own aesthetic appeals as well as other features that can be deciding factors.

    Wooden garage doors are some of the most pleasing ones to look at.

    They are traditional and eye-catching but are prone to expanding or rotting if exposed to moisture.

    Garage doors made out of this material are higher maintenance and costlier, but if these things are not a bother, then go ahead and invest in one.

    Secondly, aluminum garage doors.

    This material is durable and affordable.

    A downside to consider is that they are heat absorbent and are quite prone to denting.

    Glass garage doors are another great choice for more contemporary residential homes.

    They have the ability to make a garage space look bigger, but aren’t as durable as wood or aluminum.

    Another option is steel.

    This material is as pleasing to look at as wood but is maintainable like aluminum.

    Steel garage doors are also energy-efficient and customizable.

    The final material to consider is fiberglass.

    They make lightweight garage doors and don’t rot or dent like some of the previously mentioned materials.

    The only thing to take note of for this option is the weather.

    Garage doors made out of fiberglass tend to become brittle when exposed to lower temperatures.

    You Know Who to Call

    After looking into what style and material you want, all that’s left is the hunt for accessible garage door installation service in Philadelphia.

    Garage Doors Philly offers high-quality and seamless service for all things garage door related.

    Call us today!

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