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    Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair Company in Philadelphia

    Does your business depend on a commercial garage door for day to day base operations?

    If so, then you might consider planning on partnering with a garage door repair company to help with maintenance for your business to run smoothly.

    Commercial garage doors play a huge part in keeping the property safe and secure.

    Without it, unauthorized people can easily slip in and out even after business hours.

    Since garage doors provide the kind of security that most business owners and homeowners want, more properties install automatic garage doors equipped with openers.

    These openers help automatically operate the garage doors for you, so you don’t have to do it manually.

    Commercial buildings store valuable items, such as retail business products and other materials.

    Since a commercial garage door protects them, there is not much to worry about.

    However, even garage door openers can sometimes undergo technical and mechanical problems in the most critical moments.

    That is why we must keep track and have a backup plan in hand.

    That includes hiring our commercial garage door opener repair company in Philadelphia.

    For all your garage door repair needs, here are some of the problems regarding the opener that we can help you with:

    Misaligned Photo-Eyes

    Automatic garage doors have a safety feature called the photo-eye.

    If an obstruction is detected by the photo eye, it stops the door from closing and potentially prevents damage and delay operations.

    The photo-eye has two sensors, and each one is placed on either side of the garage door, around six inches above the ground.

    The sensors are connected by a beam sent from one to the other; if an object disrupts the beam’s connection, the sensor interrupts the circuit, impeding the door’s closure.

    If your garage door is not working correctly, it may indicate that the photo eye requires adjustment.

    The sensors are delicate and can easily become misaligned; therefore, professionals should be the ones to look through it.

    A commercial garage door opener repair company in Philadelphia with professional knowledge of solving all kinds of problems can help you with that.

    Damaged Garage Door Lifting Cables

    Business owners with a commercial garage door are often unaware of the cables until it gets damaged and operations are forced to cease operation.

    Wire cables also help lift the garage door and lower it to the ground.

    Your garage door has different cables based on the types of springs it employs.

    The cables are quite strong, but they are prone to wear and tear, causing the cables to break or lose tension.

    It’s an avoidable problem that can occur for a company that operates daily.

    Small damages will worsen if you put off garage door cable repair.

    What should you do about having a damaged cable?

    An overhead door is balanced by torsion springs as a counterbalance to the door’s load.

    We recommend avoiding using the garage door and look for a professional commercial garage door opener repair company in Philadelphia to handle these problems.

    Unresponsive Transmitter

    Commercial garage doors are equipped with a transmitter in charge of receiving the remote control signal from far to close distance.

    The transmitter transmits the signal command received from the remote control to the garage door opener itself.

    Commands from the remote control to transmitter include doors to lift when asked to open or lower down when asked to close automatically.

    Thus, it is advantageous in an operating business to have this fast and easy control.

    If the transmitter is unresponsive, then the remote control and automatic commands may have internal and external problems.

    As a result, this part is considered useless as it cannot receive any signal.

    One reason for this problem could be because the battery inside the transmitter might be out of power.

    You will need to consult the owner’s manual or contact our company for any garage door repair and installation in this kind of situation.

    Garage Door Philly: The Experts You Need for Commercial Garage Door Problems

    If you are having trouble with your garage door opener, it is necessary to take faster actions to avoid delays in business operations.

    Call for professionals and let them be the ones to take a look at and fix it.

    Indeed, an expert in the field is the best choice to handle your garage door concerns.

    Technical and mechanical problems within the business are common, so do not hesitate to ask for help from our technicians!

    Garage Door Philly can handle any damages, repairs, and maintenance concerning commercial garage door openers.

    Call us for any garage door repair in Philadelphia now!

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